6 Books To Feed Your Soul

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

We all get a little lost sometimes.  Or, sometimes, we feel overwhelmed with life or just stuck. It happens to all of us —  And it’s nothing to feel badly about. I have had my fair share of those kind of days … So, I have compiled a list of 6 of my favorite books that help me to shift when I am stuck, or help me feel uplifted, or change the direction of my attitude. These books are like the medicine cabinet for my soul.  I return to them often ... Their pages are worn, there are notes in the margins, and these books have deep personal meaning for me.


Books have always been a source of support for me.  They are like the friend you are never without … These are some of my friends. I’d like to share them with you in hopes that if you need them, you will find them there for you, always willing to help, always willing to sit quietly with you, and bring you gifts to help you on your journey.


The Untethered SOUL by Michael Singer



This book is not easy to describe.  Except that it is a life changer, not just a game changer. I’ve read it a few times now.  Usually when I was so broken I had no where else to turn. Within a few days of reading it — Often with candles lit and me in my bath, and a bit of lavender oil to calm the senses — I remember who I am.


This book helps you to discern the different between your thoughts and you.  This is such a powerful tool. We often get confused with the voices we hear … What should I listen to, which one is truth, which one is God?  Which is what?  And when we are uncertain of things, the voices get louder, and our peace gets weaker.  This book has helped me in so many ways. My own personal copy is beat up and has notes all over it.  Michael A. Singer gives you tools to practice and help discern the voices, and find your own truth, beyond the noise.  He introduces you to your “inner roommate” a concept that will make you laugh and cry — But when you learn how to recognize what is what, you will feel free, untethered …


It’s a book you can return to over and over again.  But it is also a book you also need to read from cover to cover.  For some, you may want to read it every few years to check in with yourself.  But it’s worth the investment of time.  Or, you can always listen to the audio book.  I prefer to read this one … and re-read to be honest.  And I never feel like I’ve wasted a moment when I spend my time within these pages. You can buy it here.


The Daily OM by Madisyn Taylor



I LOVE THIS BOOK! I love this book. This is my number one!


This is my favorite book. It’s a book of inspirational short essays. Every day, I read a essay. Madisyn Taylor has a way of lifting my spirits every time I open her book. Even when she’s discussing challenging things, and suggesting ways to move through challenges or discomfort, I always feel uplifted.  It’s a valuable tool in my arsenal of wisdom.  Her reminders feel like you are having a morning conversation with a close friend who always tries to lift you up.  You can read it cover to cover, or you can open it up, and see what speaks to you.


Each entry is no longer than two pages long, and the joy and inspiration held within each entry is like sunshine on your shoulders.


Everyone should have a copy of this book somewhere in their home. And maybe you should have three … Just in case you want to give a friend one. She also has a website, filled with wonderful entries that just feel good to read.  You can buy it here.


Feng Shui - The book of Cures 150 Simple Solutions for Health and Happiness in Your Home or Office by Nancilee Wydra


Sometimes, life needs a different kind of cure.  I am a big fan of Feng Shui principals in interior decorating and design. Changing your surroundings can have a huge impact on the way you feel.  Our homes are where we recharge, rejuvenate, heal, nurture ourselves and raise our families.


This book has been a go-to when I feel the energy around me getting stagnant.  My favorite chapter that I often go back to is Chapter 7, The Sense: Sight, Sound, Smell and Touch, where she goes over how certain colors and shapes can affect us.  It’s always fun to be reminded of these things.  


I love to change my environment, but I don’t always want to purchase new things. Sometimes it is just a matter of moving things around.  The placement of furniture is very important to how you feel in the room. It makes a lot of sense when you really look at it.  To me, it’s based on practical thinking — And that is very appealing.  This book is a wonderful tool when you’ve done too much reading and too much thinking, and you just want to move things around.🙂 Put on some good music and let the games begin!


I do suggest having a friend over when moving furniture — Otherwise you will scratch your floors  (you should see mine!) You can buy it here.


It's Never Too Late ... 172 Simple Acts To Change Your Life by PATRICK LINDSAY


This book has such sentimental value to me. The copy I have is the copy I had given to my dad while he was undergoing cancer treatments.  Sadly, he passed away in 2013.  When my brother Craig and I were cleaning out his place, I found it and brought it back to LA with me. It’s a very special book for that reason, but what makes it so precious is that it is a book filled with inspiration.  Each page has a different gentle reminder that it’s “never to late to… “.  It’s one of those books that I just open up to whatever page I land on, and it is usually exactly something that touches my heart and inspires me to do something.  


I just opened it up… below is what was on the page. It’s a great book to keep in your purse or on your nightstand … It works like a best friend.  The one who reminds you that it’s never to late to be all that you want to be. Thank you Patrick Lindsay, You can buy it here.

It’s never too late….to be kindMost of us rush through life And miss many of its greatest rewards. Take a gentler road,  Where yo have time to talk to people. Learn about their lives, and their loved ones. It will broaden your life. It will give you compassion. Accept their kindnesses. Be kind in return. -Patrick Lindsay  

Bag of Jewels by Susan Hayward + Malcolm Cohan



I keep this book in my bathroom — Which is my favorite place to read.  🙂 #TRUTH 

I've had this book since 1988.  It’s a go-to book of inspiration filled with thought provoking quotes by some really incredible thinkers, some famous, some not (I love that). The quotes always challenge me ... excite me ... or give me peace.  It encourages movement and thoughts and energy when I may feel stuck.  Sometimes, it’s just for fun, and it makes me smile. Some of the quotes are designed to make us laugh at ourselves, and some are designed to catapult us into a new chapter of life.  Either way, this has been one of my “ride or dies” — And I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share this with you all today.  Check it out.  It also makes a great gift.    You can buy it here.

Ideas by themselves  cannot produce change of being. Your effort must go in the right direction, and one must correspond with the other. — P.D Ouspensky.

I just pulled that quote. Isn’t it quite perfect?  You see, it really does work … I hope you will try it.  


The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz


I use this book when I judge.  Wait, that doesn’t sound right, lol.  What I mean is that I had written out the 'Four Agreements' on the front page of my notebook when I first started out as a judge on Dancing With The Stars.  Being  a 'judge' was challenging for me at first, because I struggled with that word. For me it brought about connotations of having to be perfect, of being the ultimate dance expert. It made me feel that I was then going to be judged in return. It was just scary —  I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings, I don’t want to act like I know it all, because who does?  


I loved being a dancer and a choreographer but the idea of being a judge felt like it lacked a certain creativity and expression that I had always had in my life. Really, it's what we are all taught not to do in life, to judge people. But, it was what the Universe placed in my path, and I had to find a way to deal with it. I also felt that maybe I needed to struggle through this because there was something I needed to learn (and there have been many things I learned from being a judge).


I remember when I first started, chat rooms were popular, and this was a new phenomenon — To hear candid feedback from everyone. When you are a dancer, usually feedback is positive.  Suddenly, because I was a 'judge', I had all sorts of feedback.  It was a newer type of position on television.  Really, before Len, Bruno and I, there was only Paula, Randy and Simon from American Idol.  So people also didn’t quite know how to respond to us. Also, we were judging people (the stars) that they loved, which added fuel to the fire when it came to their reactions to us.  


So, I learned how to face negative feedback, while at the same time, learning how to give feedback that wasn’t always positive. I struggled with this, and so I talked to someone about it and she asked me to sum up what I stand for.  The answer was quick and easy: "I believe in honesty and integrity".  She said: "Well, that sounds like a perfect judge".  After that, I came across the book The Four Agreements.  Not only did I love the book, I found the principles to be perfectly in alignment with how I wanted to approach my position.  


These four principles have enriched my life in many more ways than just helping me to find my path as a judge.  They have helped me in my relationships with people in all facets of life. I sometimes forget the principles, but that is why I have the book … A few copies can be found throughout my home.  It’s a great gift as well. You can buy it here.


With love xx Carrie Ann