I cannot believe this is our SEVENTH year doing these holiday wreath gatherings at the studio. SEVEN!!! It really is one of my favorite things of the year - I love having people in the studio discovering the creativity they didn't think they had. With the way I teach the class, every single attendee makes a completely different design and I find it thrilling! People are so much more creative than they thing they are.

This year I am offering three different dates:

Sunday 12/1 at 2pm

Thursday 12/5 at 6pm

Saturday 12/7 at 2pm

I am also offering custom wreaths this year! You can send me some inspiration or design requests and pick up from the studio.

Ever year I plan for all kinds of textured materials for people to try out - varieties of pine, cedar, berries, cotton...etc and have a lot of new things this year. Having the same people come year after year has been so fun and I really wanted them to have some new things to play with this time around.

Below are some photos from 2018 so you can see some of the things the attendees made.

Looking forward to meeting all of this year's attendees and seeing the beauty they create!

It had been a minute since I had last studied up on textiles. 2009 to be exact. When Rue La La reached out asking if I could teach their stylists a textiles refresher class on fibers, fabric construction, pattern, and color, I immediately said yes because my gut told me to. Five minutes later, I panicked. It had been so long since I had talked or thought about fibers and construction of materials, or so I thought. The truth is, I know sooo much about fabric. I apply it every single day of my life. Whether it's with my clothing at home, wedding linens, tent material, curtain material, selecting rugs, getting stains out of Kit's clothing, or discussing upholstery fabric with interior design clients, I'm thinking and talking about it. And, no matter the industry I've been in (visual merchandising, weddings and now interiors) understanding fibers and fabric construction has always been vital.

*The image below are notes from me writing the class in between finger painting with Kit...

My first project in my very first merchandising class was to put together The Textile Kit. I've referenced in many times since school and am so glad I've kept it all these years! It is a comprehensive guide of every fiber turned fabric you can imagine and such a wealth of knowledge!

*I could have never imaged that I would have written that word 'kit' and it is now my son's name...

We decided to host the textiles class at my studio. I wanted the 12 attendees to be able to experience the space and understand all the different ways I use textiles in my work. I pulled samples from wedding linens, bouquet ribbon, yarn, fabric cuts from JoAnn's and interior design swatches. I labeled each of them so attendees could feel and see the differences between all of the materials.

I made everyone mini textile kits! I love assembling projects like this and it was the very first thing I knew I wanted to do for the class!

First we talked through fibers - what they are and where them come from. After that we discussed how you turn fibers into fabric, aka their construction. For example, taking cotton fibers and turning them into denim woven fabric. There are about a zillion combos you can do like this and it's honestly a bit overwhelming and incredibly fascinating!

Thank you so much to the entire styling team at Rue La La for letting me obsessively talk fabric with you! It was energizing and so much fun!

Introducing the beautiful 1800's farmhouse beauty owned by Jess + Dave and their pets Conway cat, Burrito cat and Dolly dog. Jess owns Dollface Brows & Beauty, and I have sat in her chair for years now getting to know her. We connect on many levels, especially the dynamic evolution of owning a small business. She had mentioned to me that her home never felt finished -- something I've definitely felt from time to time. When you put all your energy into your business (aka your baby) there's not a lot of time left for making your home the exact way you want it to be and it can feel incredibly overwhelming. And in their case, Dave works from home, so for him, he was experiencing a space that never felt right on a daily basis, yet never had the time to conquer the overwhelming task of building the house out to completely fit their needs.

J + D wanted their space to feel organized and peaceful but eclectic and collected at the same time. We wanted some spaces to feel bold and interesting ala the dark blue built-in shelves. We wanted it to feel personal and warm so we primarily used only the accessories they currently owned. We wanted it to feel light and airy so we had everything freshly painted white and used light colored furniture. We redid their stairs to look original to the house and then did a fun patterned runner to fit the inhabitants personalities. We updated the kitchen with tile and open shelving. We redid their dining room so they could host a larger number of guests. We reused their heirloom furniture in unexpected ways like using a table from D's family and added a vintage hutch on top so he had a fresh new workspace with lots of natural light.

We loved being able to create a warm, livable and inspiring space for this family and are so grateful they trusted us to do it! And also, thank you to Apartment Therapy for sharing their home with the world!

Huge thanks to Lang Thomas Studios for capturing these images for us!