• Hunter Kendrick

Wow this week flew by! Time keeps going by faster and faster. This week was amazing though. A lot of people I have taught have said they know the Church of Jesus Christ is true but this week was my first experience where someone told us about the amazing answer they recieved.

We had been teaching this young lady for a few weeks now and she has always been really hard to find cause she works a lot. My companion was getting a little frusturated and said that if she wasnt home this time we just have to put her in the area book and take a break from trying to teach her. We go to her house and SHES THERE! We sit down and start talking and the first thing she says is haha.... "I dont know if you guys are gonna beleive this but I prayed about what you guys have been teaching me and I had an amazing experience. I just felt something different...." She went on to explain how she had flelt the love of God and she knew that she needed to trust in us and our message. During the lesson we talked a little bit about baptism and how important it is, especailly if we want to enter into the kingdom of heaven. Then she told she was a little worried because she had a brother had passed away when he was 17 and had never heard the word of God or been baptized. Of course we had an answer ;) I explained how Joseph Smith had a brother who also passed away before being baptized and we explained that everyone will have the opportunity to hear and accept this Gospel of Jesus Christ.

That was pretty much the highlight of my week. Heres some cool pictures from activities we have had at the church. We always walk this one kid home after church or after activities cause he lives in a dangerous zone and is pretty small haha but we have become great friends. Today I am going to buy him a big burger because he always says he is hungry :( but he wrote my name on the ground haha I dont know I thought it was cool sweet idk but I LOVE HIM LIKE A LIL BRO.

Haha almost forgot that last picture is my comp who is the district leader, the Sisters did not lock the door to the secrataries office after using the computer because they didnt  have a key and someone came in and stole the computer! So we had a training  (not really just a joke haha) on how to lock a door haha. 

It says "How to lock a door without the key"

Anway you guys keeping being awesome and I will too!


Elder Kendrick ;)

What an amazing week! General Conference was sooo good! I hope we all continue to try and center our lives more on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Loved Elder Boom and Johnsons talks. As well as the challenge to study church history more as to be more prepared for the next Conference which will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Prophet Jospeh Smith´s first vision. SO EXCITED!

This week was pretty crazy, I got transferred again! The 4 dupla was broken up :( but I am still training my Cape Verdean companion! We are starting to become great friends. I moved to one of the most dangerous areas in Praia, Ponta D´Agua! IT IS SOOO COOL! It is a lot poorer here and the people are so funny. I already love them and I am pretty sure they already love me too ;)

We do not go to certain areas after like 7 o clock because people will try to give us a caso bodi.

Comes from like cash or body and basically means hey give me your money or bad stuff will happen. Luckily I have not had one yet but I know plently of Elders who have. Either way I know the Lord will protect me from getting hurt if I am obedient and smart! 

This week we had a meeting in a different area and we stopped at the only Chinese Resturaunt in Cape Verde! Haha it was kinda expensive so I just got a 2 dollar fried rice plate which was actually pretty good! Was cool to have something different for a change lol.

But man I LOVE THIS PLACE; I LOVE THE PEOPLE! AND I LOVE MY COMPANIONS EVEN THOUGH THEY DONT SPEAK ANY ENGLISH! Its really cool sharing all of our different cultures haha. Each day we have a different type of food. I showed them Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches one day and they said different but good.

Anyway Love you guys! Stay strong in the Gospel! These truly are the last days! I know the day of our Saviors coming is soon! If we are living the Gospel strong it will be a happy and joyous day!

Love love love!


re-listen to conference! I am going to listen to one talk a day hope yall do the same! TCHAU TCHAU FICA DRETU!😇❤

  • Hunter Kendrick

Great week! Felt a little sick one day cause we´ve been eating at this huge open market with really yummy and really cheap food that prolly isnt the most clean haha. Still went out and worked! But when we got home I was really sick and threw up ;(

After that day though it was smooth sailing. This week I had my first hot shower! We did a division with some other Elders and stayed the night at their house. It was a really cool experience. Learned a lot about how to teach with the Spirit but also learned a lot about how much I have actually progressed. Normally I have been surrounded by really old Elders who already know the languages really well so I always thought I still have a long way to go learning the languages. But this week when I was with some other Elders who have been out for around a year I literally was translating what they said into Kriolo for a guy we were teaching because the other Elders just spoke Portuguese! Haha I actually have been growing a lot and all my work is paying off. Lots of missionaries forget about Kriolo cause its kinda hard but I believe in D&C 90:11

11 For it shall come to pass in that day, that every man shall hear the fulness of the gospel in his own tongue, and in his own language, through those who are ordained unto this power, by the administration of the Comforter, shed forth upon them for the revelation of Jesus Christ.

Haha the native langauge of the people here is KRIOLO! So I will speak to them in Kriolo! 

It also really opens them up when I cant joke around with them in their native language. I have totally seen the Gift of Tongues in my misison as I have studied both Portuguese and Kriolo and borne powerful testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in both languages. I pray that the Lord will help me continue to grow my ability to communicate in these langauges and lift my up where I fall.

As for the title... Today we went to a lighthouse as like a missionary activity. It was really fun and beautiful but there were grasshoppers everywhere! We tried cathcing them and when one missionary succeeded he said "Elder Kendrick I´ll give you 100 escudos (basically 1 dollar equivalent) if you eat this grasshopper!"

I said "200 and its a deal"

Haha 2 other missionaries pulled out 50 escudos and after re catching another more juicier one (the other one escaped) on the count of 3 I popped it into my mouth. Haha he almost jumped but after one bit he was gone. Honestly didn´t taste that bad, kinda like a meating potato chip.

But for 200 escudos I can buy a huge plate of rice, cup of beans, some fries, and a big piece of chicken! :) So i think it was a good deal haha.

Here are some cool pictures!