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Here is a new link for an easier to find Photograph page on my web site. I've made a couple of the pictures available at a bigger size. It certainly does ramp up the manufacturing cost. I could produce them on in expensive paper but they would look budget style and I really don't want any of my work looking that way. Hope you understand.

Any way . Below is the new link. If there are any pictures that you'd like bigger please get in touch for a quote. Each one is bespoke ordered and quoted so not easy to do a blanket price.

Okay guys. jet lagged and ready for more.


Here's the link.


  • Tim Muddiman

Great news. Today I took delivery of a load of 2020 calendars and they look absolutely great. I'm so happy with them and the way the photography came out. The colour balance and positioning is perfect.

So, as requested by a good few of you all on the socials they are now for sale in the Art Store, under 2020 calendar.

I've re-adjusted the shipping costs for multiple orders but if any one encounters any problems with that just get in touch.

I hope you like them.

Here is the link if you wish to purchase. https://www.timmuddiman.com/2020-calendar-1

Best wishes

Tim Muddiman

  • Tim Muddiman

Hello all. It's been a while since any web site updates so here is one.

I posted on the socials today about doing calendars and prints and other merchandise ideas and really pleased with the input from a lot of you.

I'm definitely going to do calendars for 2020 with 12 of the Black and White photos that i took on my travels. Thanks again for the enthusiasm.

I've also just spent the last few hours looking into the print side of these images. I'm pleased that I was able to download hi res images and upload them to the fantastic print company I use. They are going to be Hi Gloss C Type Printed and the images will be a little under A4 with a small border. So, I've now made them available for sale with hand written signature and date on the back of each one.

Here is a link to the page should this be of any interest.


Thanks for looking and any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Tim Muddiman