Life is hard you have to hide your identity . One can't express him or herself for fear for their life even from ones own family . Its hard to hide all the time.

2018 was tough year for me. I was very frustrated with my situation and things with family and my status had me in a tight spot . I am now more positive about life and how to deal with it.

More sessions would have been great. I am happy that my sessions with Free Hearts Free Minds were by an ExMuslim who understood my situation and the threats I face . 

Ive heard of Free Minds when I attempted to contact Yasmine for support in March. I have been in a place and a country where I cannot explore myself, forced to follow a religion that I don't believe and a family that bullies my decisions. I was completely overwhelmed by emotions that sometimes brought me to dark places and even, dark thoughts. I even wished to a point that I wanted to put an end to all that hurts. Hence I started communicating Free minds and I was connected to Jimmy. At first, the sessions were all general and more informative and I was a bit skeptical to be honest. Until we started discussing to the reasons that brought me to my dark thoughts, I remember crying for at least 10m after the session, and even thought it was hard to visit that space, yet when I faced it with complete strength ( Of course with the help of Jimmy) I have managed to fight this dark Aura. And with the days passing by, I've learned to face all those thoughts in reality. I've realised that the words that used to be bullied with, the religion i was forced to follow, and most importantly the decision on who to love were all controlled by ME and ME only. Nothing affects me anymore, because simply, I deserve to live my life to its fullest and I should be deciding how to live this life, Not my FAMILY and definitely not by BELIEFS that are not even mine.  I became stronger, more focused and learned to take matters in life with less complexity. I've befriended people who respect what I am and still love me, who are now my family and most importantly, a family that RESPECTS me. I have Jimmy and Free Hearts Free Minds to thank because NOW my MIND is indeed FREE. Every session provided me with sense of independence and love to what I already appreciate in life. I appreciate the exercise that made me love and respect myself through any troubles and most importantly, I loved how relaxing Jimmy's voice was. That voice helped me visit places in my soul that was locked for over 10 years and helped me empty everything that was negative in my life. It helped me reset every bit of my soul and changed into a new, refreshed one that's ready for life in all its forms. As much as I wish that I could have more time just to have those positive conversations, but I love how that's the only thing that I miss about our sessions. Because I was taught how to fish and was not given a fish that fed my hunger for a day. And I could never thank him enough for that. I wish for everyone who is in such dark place that I once used to live, to stumble through and then be guided to the place where I am today. A place that's filled with positivity, strength and most importantly FREEDOM.  Thank you again for providing such a great opportunity.

Yours Truly 


Dear Jimmy,

Before embarking on the coaching sessions, I was in a weird space of self-destructive behaviour and self-blame; I was working on fully isolation myself from everything.  My relationship with my family was at the peak of chaos; life was nothing but a grey blank page.  This seemed to be the overall situation of each chapter of my life.  Mentally I think I was depressed, a form of depression at least.  I was also physically weak due to stopping the gym and this was due to not having enough mental strength to do anything. 

After the 6 coaching sessions I can clearly say that I'm more open to life and feel fresh.  I’m doing my best to engage with my family more and get to understand them from a different perspective; the ways that we explored in our sessions. I have got back to the gym already and that has made me feel even better.  I can say that now I have a spark of hope. 

The sessions helped me to understand how powerful it is in life to develop your own understanding and to be coachable.  I would love to learn more about the techniques you used in the sessions, they were amazing to say the least and I found them very beneficial.

I loved the feeling that there was someone who would listen and understand what I was going through.  To have someone there each week who was willing to be there and guide you a bit through this grey tunnel during this time in my life. It means a lot to feel that there are some good people around, people who are actually willing to be there for you.  

I can't thank you and all the people who have made the coaching possible enough.  Thank you to you and all of them. 

S.M. Tunisia