Indiana Landmarks has placed the Commandant's Row on their annual "10 Most Endangered List" in 2019. At the Indiana Veterans’ Home located in West Lafayette, three buildings still need major repairs - the Administration Building, the Lawrie Library, and the Commandant's Home.

The Wabash Valley Trust for Historic Preservation and Indiana Landmarks recently paid for rehabilitation assessments of the library and administration building. Both the library and the administration building were built in 1896 and have been vacant and neglected for years; there is an immediate need for stabilization to address the damage, as well as a need to find a new use for the landmarks.

The Commandant’s Home (1899) is partially occupied and has undergone some repair, but it is still in need of more repairs. To learn more on this issue, please visit Indiana Landmarks' website.

Photos courtesy of Indiana Landmarks.

The Wabash Valley Trust is proud to partner with the Tippecanoe Arts Federation in their first ever gallery exhibition. The exhibition is set to take place in early 2020. Artists are encouraged to create works of art inspired by Lafayette's rich historic architecture. Continue to check back for more information, including an Artist Call-Out!

  • Wabash Valley Trust

As some of you may remember, at the end of 2018 a notice for demolition went up at 1014 South St in Lafayette, IN. When the Wabash Valley Trust saw this, we had to act. We posted an online petition that garnered thousands of signatures in opposition to the demolition. After seeing people in our community sign the petition, St. Mary's Cathedral sat down with

The Wabash Valley Trust and other interested parties to discuss viable options for the building, which included proposals that were a compromise between the church's interests and our community's interests. While we are happy to state the building is still standing at this moment in time, St. Mary's has not publicly announced any decision on the building's fate. This issue is still under our critical watch, and we hope the ultimate decision is that the building can remain standing.