FOR "theBLOG" relaunch!

What started as a bookclub in 2009 has now blossomed into a network of collaborative partners united to serve our communities and one another in doing works of good despite challenges.

The mission is simple... "Overcome evil with GOOD!"

We shun all forms of hate, no matter the disguise, and counter the pesimism many modern leaders utilize in their factions of fear. At, we "fear not!"

Hope is always found in believing again despite the challenges one faces. Additionally, one does not have to face them alone. Find a common unity (community) with a vision of hope to move forward. Life is meant to be lived in community not individually. There is power in community.

We believe that love for all humanity is the catalyst for transformational change! Radical, redemptive love is our vision!

THANK YOU for your time and trust over the past deceade! is unafraid of change and utilizes the constancy of change to be ever-adapting to offer greater hope despite circumstances. Hope is the purpose; LOVE is the WAY!

We have never been more sure of our passion to "overcome evil with good" and to do this by "serving all others" as we "achieve results..." together!