• Anita Dickason

I am so excited to have NOT DEAD finally published. This time I have shifted closer to a cozy/paranormal mystery. I chose Meridian, Texas for the location of the plot, because it was a perfect fit for the small-town atmosphere and characters I wanted to create.

I have also included my feature, "The Story Behind the Fiction." I received so many favorable comments on this feature in A u 7 9, that I have decided to make it a permanent addition to my books. This time, I cover the history of the doll that is centerstage, both in the book and on the cover.



  • Anita Dickason

"You've written your opus. You hit publish. Now what? Well, sales won't find you. You have to market your book."

Wow! I don't believe you will find any author who will disagree with this quote from Marketing Indieworld: A Step-to Step Guide to Marketing Your Book.

Angela Hausman, Carole P. Roman and Julie A. Gerber co-authored the book. They are three talented and experienced individuals who know what it takes to sell books. Whether you are a new or published author, this book is a great resource.