Hardwood floor sanding is a costly venture, not just for home owners, but also for honest reliable hardwood floor sanders as well. Hardwood floor sanding & refinishing supplies keep going up in cost while what hardwood companies charge remain static.

Therefore you need to shop around for it is companies like Wildrose Hardwood Refinishing Ltd. that over the years has learned to maintain high quality work among ever increasing prices. We advise to do your due diligence when hiring a flooring contractor.

We see many homes in western canada that do not upkeep the humidifiers on their furnaces. Many positive aspects come from warm moist air in your home.

1) keeps window and door seals tight and not shrinking.

2) hardwood in home stays humidified, meaning it has less chance to shrink.

3) our bodies need moisture. We sleep better with a little moisture in the air.

If you have exotic hardwood or maple, beach, birch or walnut hardwood, your humidifier is essential.

Shawn Kirton


The debate rolls on which is best to install in your home. Let's delve into the details to give you all more information, to make the best decision for your situation.

Solid hardwood flooring:


- It will last alot longer in your home for it can be sanded as long as there is room between the tongue / groove.

- It is lower costing to purchase unfinished solid hardwood, and you can sand and stain it what ever color matches to your home.

- This wood can raise the value of your home simply because it adds more value.

- Proper choice of hardwood (Red Oak, Maple, Ash, Hickory) will reduce movement in your home. It is all about product knowledge.


- Humidity outside and in your home fluctuates through the seasons causing expansion and contraction of the individual boards.

- Maintenance is higher as you need to keep your in home humidifier's filter clean so as to provide proper humidity in a home.

- Purchasing a more stable hardwood can counter act this issue, as well as hiring flooring professionals whom go above and beyond to address these issues as best as possible.

Engineered hardwood flooring:


- Most quality engineered flooring is milled with a thicker wear layer, allowing for sanding / refinishing as the material wears in the future. The core is important as well as difference designs allow for more stability.

- Engineered hardwood allows for less movement in a home or commercial property.

- Can be installed below grade through click together products.


- Can come in at very high price point (6.00 - 14.00 / sq. ft.) and can be of less value if the wear layer is not thick enough to stand the traffic many families or commercial properties require.

- Many product sales people over sell the engineered products, misleading customers to believe far more can be sanded than actual. See picture below to show you a small wear layer. It would probable cost 4.50 - 7.00 / sq. ft. and is not worth the money when there are better options.

Watch an excellent video description of the pros and cons of each.