As Coinounce grows, we aim to expand our partner network in various regions around the world. Our translation business has been growing continuously over the past year and we believe that we must partner with the best agencies to deliver satisfactory results to our clients.

Whilst we focus on partnering with blockchain agencies and different blockchain projects, we primarily are a translation company operating in the blockchain and fintech market. For this reason, we aim to partner with the best translation agencies as well.

ISO 17100 certified translation agency AP PORTUGAL | TECH LANGUAGE SOLUTIONS is based in Lisbon and Oporto. The company has been providing clients with excellent translation services since 1998. The interest in fintech and blockchain is very high in countries like Brazil and Portugal, which is why Portuguese translations are in high demand. AP PORTUGAL |TECH LANGUAGE SOLUTIONS specialises in technical translations related to economic, business and scientific fields. Software localisation requires a high degree of technical knowledge from translators, which is why we believe that a partnership will largely benefit Coinounce’s clients.

Coinounce will primarily focus on providing AP PORTUGAL |TECH LANGUAGE SOLUTIONS with German and Russian translation services. These two languages are of very high demand and the technical translator supply is relatively low compared to other languages.

We strongly believe that this partnership agreement will largely benefit both Coinounce and AP PORTUGAL |TECH LANGUAGE SOLUTIONS and provide new opportunities to our clients.

Coinounce – Blockchain Translation Agency Now CryptoValley Association Member

Zug’s enterprise-friendly environment has made the small town in Switzerland incredibly diverse and international. It lies at the heart of the blockchain industry, with a large range of projects having their headquarters in the canton of Zug and innovative initiatives, such as the “Digital ID”, making it the “place-to-be” in blockchain.

It is also the home of Coinounce GmbH, a leading blockchain translation agency. Sharing our home with some of the most successful blockchain projects worldwide gives us an invaluable industry insight. Whether you have lunch in the “helloWorld City” restaurant, or a beer at the “Panorama Bar”, you always find someone who is involved in the blockchain industry.

Coinounce has a global client base, but we would like to further our involvement in our “home town”. It is for this reason that we have now become a member of the CryptoValley Association (CVA). The CVA describes itself as the following:

“The CVA is an independent, government-supported organization located in the Swiss canton of Zug. Our mission is to build the world’s leading ecosystem for blockchain and cryptographic technologies in Switzerland. Our main focus is in developing and executing a community-driven program targeted at establishing and growing our ecosystem. This includes supporting start-ups and established businesses, making policy recommendations, initiating research projects, and hosting conferences, hackathons, and other industry events. We are also working to be a bridge between Crypto Valley and the global cryptographic technologies community – building on our already active connections to international centers of blockchain innovation in London, Singapore, Silicon Valley and New York.” (CVA, 2018)

We believe that this membership is a next step to expanding our network within the town of Zug, potentially getting involved in more exciting projects along the way, but also contributing to the unique crypto-environment. We look forward to being a member of the CVA.

About Coinounce

Coinounce is a blockchain translation and fintech translation agency base in Zug, Switzerland. For any inquiries, please send an email to Our website can be found at

In a fast paced cryptosphere, it is important for companies in the industry to familiarise themselves with new trends and projects. Projects are seemingly never ending and have moved far beyond the sole concept of Initial Coin Offerings.

With industry growth, Coinounce GmbH has repositioned itself to tap into new markets and identify new opportunities. It is for this reason that we no longer define ourselves solely as a provider of blockchain translations, but also as a provider of a wide range of technical content translations. This mainly includes content related to emerging technologies within the FinTech and Financial Services markets.

Based upon these developments, the Coinounce team has attended various events over the past months in different continents to meet face-to-face with our clientele and expand into new markets.

Alexander Lempka, CEO and Co-Founder of Coinounce GmbH, attended the Beach Blockchain Conference in the Philippines as a speaker. In his panel, together with individuals like Yobie Benjamin, Alexander discussed the ways in which start-ups within the blockchain industry can succeed. One of the key messages conveyed in the panel was that there is often an equalization between cryptocurrency projects and blockchain projects. Blockchain entails more than just cryptocurrencies.

Alexander further attended the Consensus Conference in New York City, which gathered blockchain enthusiasts from around the world for one weekend to discuss the industry’s state.

Sebastian Spiteri Borgia, COO and Co-Founder of Coinounce, focused specifically on investor relations and attended various events in London. These included the BAIConf, MJAC, and the DC Finance family office event in June. This has given Coinounce valuable insights and contacts with investors seeking to explore and understand the industry.

We further attended conferences in one of our largest markets, Korea, the D10e Conference in Seoul being one of them. Other important events include the CryptoHQ event in Davos, the Vietnam Blockchain Week, and the London Cryptocurrency Show.

Moving Forward

Such blockchain orientated events are valuable in assessing what types of projects are currently gaining popularity within the industry. Coinounce must adapt to these developments in the market and be at the forefront to advise clientele on how to develop their project accordingly.

Rapid implementation of change in this industry is crucial. Our team of over 100 translators has the capability to help corporates move into the blockchain space, as well as smaller start-ups within the FinTech space.


Coinounce is a blockchain translation and fintech translation agency based in Zug, Switzerland. For any inquiries, please send an email to Our website can be found at