Wow! What a surprise He had for me after I shared about His Love and how He would do Anything for us in my What Would You Do post.

Have you ever been so hurt by someone that it's taken years to let Him heal the wound? Maybe like me you thought that you had let it go and moved on. Then surprise!

This happened to me recently when out of the blue I got a call from someone I had been hurt by. I instantly felt sick to my stomach when I saw her name on my voicemail.

But He had a gift for me! The gift of healing of a very old wound. I had been wearing this Battle Badge like one of those t-shirts that says "I survived..."

As I listened to why she called I was surprised to find out that she didn't even know I had been hurt. After years, someone had told her and she called to see how she could make it right. She gave me a chance to share my side of the story and apologized.

I literally felt like a heaviness had been lifted off me. I can't even describe the lightness I felt. He wanted to give me back this gift of relationship and lift this heaveyness I had gotten so use to carrying that I didn't even know was weighing me down.

He would do anything for me his precious daughter.

I got out my journal to write about it and he showed me a picture of the woman who had been praying for this restored relationship. She was praying at the River. We were on our knees with our gold panning pans. She dipped hers in and I saw a ruby in the midst of stones and pieces of gold. Then I saw a topaz.

I dipped mine in and saw an emerald amongst the stones. If you know me, you know I love to Google the meaning of things so of course, I looked up these precious stones!

I found out that Emerald represents healing & fertility. The cool blue that shows up in an emerald symbolizes a steadfast bond. It's a rare stone. Stones of the bible says Green = Growth, fresh, flourishing, prosperity. Emerald opens & nurtures the Heart, provides healing to all levels bringing freshness and vitality to the Spirit. A stone of inspiration and infinite patience it embodies unity, compassion and unconditional love.

WOW WOW WOW! Look at all he said in one small picture.

Not only was there healing but I believe he was showing me that there would be a growth in my ministry out of this. That he had placed a connection there that was rare. And the growth would be something new, that would flourish financially. This opening and nurturing of my heart would be powerfully healing and bring a fresh new excitement in my Spirit.

I get to be like that Emerald stone with infinite patients to bring inspiration, unity, compassion and unconditional LOVE!

So I wanted to start that by sharing this story and encourage you to look deeper. What is He showing you today? What Battle Badges have you been wearing that He wants to remove the weight of and add some beautiful stones to?

Ask Him to identify a wound he wants to heal. Write down everything that comes to your mind when he reminds you of this.

Then ask him to give you a picture or the name of the gemstone he wants to give you to replace the Battle Badge. Don't forget to look up the meanings! : )

Write it down and ask him if he has any additional insight for you. He loves to have conversations with us. Give him time!

Arise and Be Blessed!


#Arising, #Healing

Updated: Oct 23

Today when I sat to spend a little time with the Lord I saw myself running into his arms where he swung me around and said "Glad you came!"

His message for YOU today is Arise my darling my beautiful one and come away with me! He's inviting you to take his arm and go for a walk with him today.

He wants to show you the beauty of his creation whether that's walking through fall leaves, down a dirt path or on the beach. He has something he made just to bring you joy. Watch for it so you don't miss it!

Then please share with us what he surprised you with! #surprise

Have a Blessed Day!


I've been seeing that it's Son or Daughter day on friends Facebook posts lately. I'm extremely blessed with 2 amazing sons and a fabulous little grandson! There is no way to express the words of the heart! How can I begin to describe the Love that would do ANYTHING

for them.

If you have a child, grandchild, niece, nephew or a pet that holds your heart you understand. That love is ALWAYS there. Even if you're going through a rough season with them, my guess is that you would run to their side if they needed you!

In my true Self Discovery Journaling style, I started to write about it and I encourage you to grab your journal and walk through this process with me!

Think about it...What have you done or would you do for them to make them happy or to give them something they not only needed but the things they wanted? Were there times you sacrificed to do that? How did you feel when you were able to do that?

Write down your memories...

I have a great memory as a child of being woken up one October morning by my parents. It was still dark outside and they said "get up! we're going to Disneyland!" I have 5 sisters and 2 of them have October birthdays we were going to celebrate them.

Funny thing is I don't even remember being there but I remember the excitement of the surprise wake up and the anticipation of something so huge for me! When I look back I see what a financial sacrifice that had to have been for my parents. Throughout my life I know that they sacrificed and made things happen for my happiness. I'm sure my sisters would say the same.

Think about the times your parents showed their love for you through their actions and write a few down. Again, how did it make you feel then and how does it make you feel now?

To what lengths would you go to save your child's life? I think we would all do whatever it took!

Our Papa God gave his ONLY SON our brother, to die so we could be saved.

Let that sink in...

Would you make that sacrifice?

I know I couldn't give up either of my sons to save someone else and I don't think you could either.

You may be thinking yeah but we aren't God. No we're not but we can take the feeling that thought evokes, and meditate on it. Let it sink in...and get a glimpse of the Magnitude of the Love he has for you!

He would do ANYTHING for you! He's a good good daddy. He wants to spoil you with good things. Ask him what he has for you today and tell him your hearts desire!

May this be a new a blessed season for you as we enter the new Jewish year!