I first met this amazing family when little Ella came in for some portraits to celebrate her first birthday - back then my 'studio' was in my bedroom (it has a really big window with beautiful, natural light) and things have changed a bit since then! This time, Ella is a big sister and both her and big brother Mikey were so proud to show off their newest family member.

I absolutely adore working with babies of this age! In the photography world, we call them Sitters - they are old enough to sit unassisted, but haven't quite reached the crawling stage (which means they tend to stay still!), and they always seem to have bags of personality. The minute this little guy arrived at the session, I knew we were going to get some awesome images. He is incredibly photogenic (check out Mum and Dad and you'll see where he gets that from), has the most amazing smile and then there are those rolls!

Two gorgeous kiddos, a stunning mumma and the most adorable bump - what a perfect way to spend a morning! I photographed Jimmy when he was only a few months old so it was really nice to welcome them back again.

Michelle and I worked out that she was drawn towards classic, simple, portraiture so that's what we did - lovely backlit images, high contrast black and white and some silhouettes that highlighted her beautiful, changing body. She absolutely knocked it out of the park, right?