HOA Budget Meeting

Nov 22, 2019, Friday 7 pm

J. Allen Axson Library

Attention Riverbrook Neighbors:

We need your help!

Looking for volunteers willing to assist us with helping on your street to get Amendment ballots back into Misty. We need to get back each household vote regardless if it's a yes or no. Continuing this process is costly, so the sooner we get them back the more our HOA saves! Contact us at riverbrookbod@gmail.com if you can help. You can also download the ballot from our website below and email it to Misty.srmi@gmail.com

We are also looking for more people to help on the following committees:

Landscaping (2)  

Social/Welcome (3)   

Amendments (3)

If you want to know more about these and current Riverbrook Information sign-up on our website at https://www.riverbrookatglenkernan.org/

Thank you for your continued support to make our neighborhood better.