Search is pleased to announce that its partner, mPharma, has won the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship. mPharma is working to build an Africa in Good Health by making medication affordable and accessible for all Africans. The organization currently manages inventory for 243 pharmacies and clinics reaching more than 40,000 patients each month.   In winning the Skoll Award, mPharma joins Skoll’s awardee portfolio of game-changing organizations including B Lab, Kiva, OneSky, and mPharma is an innovative leader and is not only inspired by mPharma’s work to make healthcare a universal human right, but also proud to partner with them on a recent rebrand and throughout their journey.

In December 2018,’s ShadowmanVan team on the ground in Uganda took quick action to improve living conditions for new arrivals at the Nakivale refugee camp outside Kampala. Over 1000 people inhabit this camp-within-a-camp. Shadowman, dedicated to rapid implementation, raised over $30K in 48 hours. The goals were to deliver 400 clean and safe mattresses and make sure that no one slept on the floor, to comfort children with a teddy bear companion, to hire much-needed teachers, and to co-create a playground. A local Ugandan artist and playground expert researched equipment to buy. We're currently tracking all the purchases to assure that every dollar goes directly towards this project. Your donation channels through our trusted local NGO partner, The You and I Foundation. Life has been made better, and we’ll be in touch with you along the way with more reports.

Updated: Jan 10

January 1, 2019

Social good platform is pleased to announce the launch of, an interactive portal for news on Shadowman Van global relief initiatives.

Inspired by artist Richard Hambleton’s 1977 Chevy ice-cream-truck-turned-sculpture, the Shadowman Van project imagines a new type of humanitarian effort that encourages communities to create, collaborate, and realize their collective dreams.

Those communities currently include:

* Nakivale, Uganda, where over 100,000 refugees from a dozen countries are devising their own solutions.

* Kyebando, Uganda, where residents of a Kampala ghetto are taking on poverty and pollution.

* Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, where over half a million Rohingya refugees from Myanmar are acquiring new skills. Creative Activists share their stories through photo essays and short videos. Besides giving project updates, supporters connect with one other and discover how to volunteer and contribute.

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