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The Mid-Michigan Paracon was held at the Holiday Inn Hotel and Conference Center which is coveniently located in Flint off of I69. We arrived at 11 AM and the plentiful parking was close to the entrance. The well appointed facility offered a restaraunt, ATM and free water and coffee. Check-in was a breeze as we were met by Kim Dotson and a team of smiling faces to scan tickets and sell raffle tickets. The event was already vibrating with paranormal vendors and patrons. Flints paracon event provided a wide range of experts from Tarot readers, psychics, Reiki Masters, product sales, promotions and demonstrations. I was happy to see a Bigfoot expert complete with real big foot castings. The vendors were all very welcoming, knowledgable and helpful. Kim Dotson and the entire team of event planners did an amazing job of organizing this event. I saw her and Justin Arnold buzzing about throughout the day helping patrons, vendors and presenters. Although the event was not huge the accomodating conference room was completely filled with vendors and presenters and the flow of people was steady throughout the day. I would've loved to see more paranormal apparel, minerals and stones as well as more protection and saging products.

There were a few different vendors that caught my eye more than once which included a raw mineral and tumbled stone station with a knowledgable person at the helm. The nice tarot reader at her table with exceptional love and money oils was very helpful and had beautifully fragranced oils that were well priced. I would also like to give a shout out to the very friendly and awesome ladies selling Paparazzi jewelry. Even though their products weren't paranormal related they were very well priced and these two ladies had a beautiful energy. As a matter of fact everyone that I came across at this event was polite, friendly and welcoming. It felt like a little family reunion except it was our paranormal family. A great place to put faces with all your Facebook friends from the paranormal community.

While here there were no high pressure sales pitches for products or services and all the vendors were very informative about their goods and/or services. Even though the sales and service area for vendors was not huge we easily filled our day in combination with the guest speakers who were very interesting and held our attention. In retrospect it would have been nice to have a short 5 or 10 minute break between presenters. If you wanted to see three presenters that were scheduled in a row it required staying put as the next presentation started very promptly. We remedied this by holding seats for one another while we took turns having a break. Really, it was just a small technicality in the grand scheme and seats were plentiful. We also ran into a few people that took part in our teams adult paranormal walk and fundraiser at Whaley House the night before which was a pleasant surprise.

From 11 am until 5 pm they had guest speakers covering topics such as haunted Michigan locations, dowsing rods, haunted objects, exorcisms and a finale presentation by Andrea Perron and John Tenney who blew our minds with their 'edge of your seat' presentation on the meaning of life, death, paraunity and what's beyond the here and now. That hour felt like 10 minutes. I would've loved to hear more! Just being in the presence of these two power houses left me with an overall feeling of well being and really wrapped up Sunday's event with a cosmic bow.

I would also like to give a special mention to Dan Klaes of the Hinsdale House, Tim Shaw presenter of haunted objects, Arch-Bishop Plato Angelakis for answering my questions and Brian Danhausen of Into the Afterlife. I came away from this event with new friends and priceless knowledge and new insights on the paranormal. If I were to give it a rating from 1-10 it definitely was a solid 9. I can't wait to see what next year holds! I myself am considering a team table.

If you find yourself wanting to attend the Michigan Paracon but cannot make the trek out to Sault Ste Marie Michigan I would highly reccomend attending Mid-Michigan Paracon. If you're really ambitious do both.

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Now when it comes to hauntings I'm the first one to wrinkle my nose at the possibility of a haunted toy or doll. However, we all know that there have been dozens of reported cases involving haunted play things. One that stands out is the well known Annabelle doll which has been overtly glamorized by Hollywood and in my opinion makes a mockery of the real story. But enough about my opinion. Here's one paranormal story involving a child, his parents and his very active toys that really got my attention.

Let's move our attention to England. The year is 2005 and the town is South Shields. The family involved in this incident were terrorized in their home by doors mysteriously opening and closing of their own accord, furniture moving, and chairs stacking in precarious configurations. That was just a start. It wouldn't be long before toys were being pelted at the head of the mother Marianne. The father was present and no one else was near by. This spirit was starting to get very malevolent as time moved on and seemed to have a penchant for releasing terror on the family by using their son Robert's favorite toys.

The haunting pretty much started like your typical haunt including bumps in the night, things moving, and inexplicable sounds. The night that Marianne was hit in the head by a toy they did their best to settle in for the night but it wasn't long before they were wrestling for the blankets from an unseen rival. Marc, the husband came out of the incident wounded as red scratches emerged on his back. He described the wounds as giving off a burning sensation.

Things continued to worsen as their phones received anonymous texts and calls came threatening them with death. Another time, a bizarre sight struck both parents terrified as they opened the playroom door to find a rocking horse hanging precariously from a ceiling fan. Later, a toy bunny appeared at the top of the staircase one day with a box cutter in it's lap. Seemingly, nightmares out of a horror movie but they were living it. The messages continued to appear on young Robert's writing board. Messages like ,"DIE", " I WILL KILL YOU", and "YOU'RE DEAD". Their child was only 3 years old wasn't able to provide the parents with any insight on the horrifying events although he would often hide and his terrified parents would scramble to find him hidden away in closets and cupboards.

The family called in a paranormal team who claim the saw the spirit materialize and walk through the home in the dark and described it as a midnight-colored three dimensional evil spirit that was "radiating evil". Its not clear whether the paranormal investigators cleared the house or if the poltergeist activity ceased on it's own but suddenly things got better. The family hasn't been heard from as of recent. Some say the story was true and others say it may have been materialized from pure fantasy by the family for attention. A1

Shortly after the incident Marianne was interviewed and told reporters, ‘I don’t think I’ll ever be the same again. If I hear a noise that I cannot explain, or something goes missing, then it always makes us wonder whether it has come back again. But right now, we are just glad that it seems to have left us alone.”

If this story intrigues you to read more on the haunting, you can buy the book.

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Little did anyone know that a beautiful but crazed serial killer would be born in the French Quarters of New Orleans on March 19, 1787. Her parents, Louis and Marie McCarty were very affluent immigrants. Louis from France and Marie hailed from Ireland. They easily fit in and rubbed elbows amongst the finest elites and socialites of New Orleans. They were from a long lineage of inherited wealth and quickly became a well known name within the elite social circles of Louisiana's Euro-Creole community. The McCarty’s had five children, one of which was named Delphine and her looks were unparalleled. As early as age 13 Delphine had suitors looking to claim the hand of the dark-haired beauty.


Delphine wed a suitor named Don Ramon de Lopez y Angulo in 1800, a highly ranked officer in the Spanish army. He and Delphine, being well off we able to travel all over Spain and it’s territories. Sadly, Don Ramon became deathly ill and passed away in Havana only a short four years after marriage and left his sweet Delphine with child. Delphine being a young, beautiful socialite had no problems finding a new beau named Jean Blanque, a statesman and slave trader with secret associations linked to piracy and smuggling. Madam Delphine and Jean wed and later she bore 4 children. Jean succumbed to illness and died a pauper in 1815. Delphine was tenacious and battled the banks and settled her husbands estates. During this time she inherited her parent’s slaves and land and turned it into a lucrative farming venture. Not long after this she met her 3rd husband, Dr. Louis Lalaurie who was 15 years younger than Delphine. They had a son out of wedlock and conceded to becoming married in 1828. Delphine and Louis were very indifferent to one another and fought often. They separated but never divorced. It was during these years that Delphine and her husband were apart that something changed deep within Delphine. She was acting aggressive towards friends and family and hardened her heart toward anyone that tried to get close.


Madam Lalaurie sunk into a deep dark depression in her mansion on Royal street. People were starting to cite Delphine as a crazed and sadistic socialite. She started lashing out at her help. On one occurrence in particular another slave purported that Lalaurie was chasing a young slave girl angrily throughout the mansion with a whip. The girl jumped off the roof and died in the street below. Lalaurie drug the girls body out back and hid the body in a well. Upon this discovery the police issued Lalaurie a couple fines and forced the sale of all her slaves. Delphine was able to covertly procure her slaves by secretly having friends and extended family buy them back for her and they were then brought back to the mansion under the cover of darkness. Another male slave allegedly took his own life by jumping out a third floor window to avoid his demise at her hands. It was covered up as an accident. Today that window in the mansion remains sealed in concrete.

In 1834 a fire broke out in the Lalaurie mansion and neighbors rushed to help extinguish the flames. However, in the chaos the entire family quickly fled in the dark of night by boat and headed to Boston and then on to France. After the fire was extinguished the public found a 70 year old slave dead and chained in the kitchen. But that was the least of the horrors that occurred in the mansion. Madam Delphine had been experimenting on, killing and torturing slaves in her attic. Stories stated she had placed slaves in cages and would starve them. She would then fill their mouths with excrement and sew their lips closed. Bodies were missing limbs and heads. Slaves were barely alive chained up and beaten to a pulp. Others had no eyes, and were naked in their own feces. Their were heads found with holes in the skull with spoons inside to scramble the brains. There were corpses mutilated, branded and scarred beyond recognition. Some had their organs outside their bodies. Other organs and bodies strewn about were clearly crudely operated or experimented upon.

Upon this discovery the locals formed a mob and waited outside the mansion. The southern elites didn’t take lightly to torturing slaves but the Lalauries were long gone.

Local stories grew and changed over time. Some claimed that there were several bodies while others claimed seeing dozens. One thing is for certain. On that day forward Madam Delphine's reputation was forever changed.


Rumors have swirled about Delphine’s death. Some claim she died in France during a hunting accident. Others say she returned back to New Orleans in her latter years. There’s also the story of a one, Eugene Backes a sexton who was gravekeeper at St. Louis cemetery # 1. He claims discovering a copper plate placed in the ground at the cemetery in alley 4. It Allegedly had her date of death as Dec 7, 1842 and her married names throughout her life. According to French archives she passed away December 7, 1849.

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