We're pleased to announce that MiniBot is officially shipping all pre-orders as of today. You've all been so patient and I look forward for you to get the product in your hand. Below is an official release video that shows in detail the look and feel of the final product. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have while creating it. All customers can expect to receive a shipping confirmation over the next following few weeks.

So it's been some time since an update. Why's that? I've been deeply engaged in shifting manufacturing strategies so assembly will happen state-side and I can personally manage quality control. This means that EVERY single product that leaves our doors will be TESTED & working! This is an actual picture of the product and packaging fresh off the assembly line. In fact the first! I will of course post a video over the next couple of days of it in action. But I was so excited to share the news. I had to put something out asap. Ironically I could not wait.

The 1st MiniBot standing all alone, ready for his siblings to join Thanksgiving 2019The 1st MiniBot standing all alone, ready for his siblings to join Thanksgiving 2019
The 1st MiniBot standing all alone, ready for his siblings to join Thanksgiving 2019

Due to the new manufacturing technique we're deploying in this product line. We're using some ultra fancy 3d printing technology that makes amazing ultra high resolution parts that are production ready. Not only is it very cost and quality effective.

What's even more exciting is that having made this investment, I'll be able to speed up the release of the UltraBot, and another secret family member in the line of Ridiculous Robots that will hopefully be announced over the next couple of months. The current goal is to have the UltraBot ready for shipping by Thanksgiving 2019. And if all goes well Minibot and UltraBot's Secret sibling might join that date. With the new production technique, that is disturbingly similar to watching the T1000 spring to life from Terminator 2, comes the opportunity to embrace the ultra velvety matte finish look. Which after much deliberation I think I prefer to the original gloss concept rendering.

Right now I expect the first orders to ship out mid to late April. I know waiting is always super painful. But I believe in making sure things are extensively tested, and done right the first time around. As opposed to sending out products and hope nothing goes wrong.

Again thank you so much to everyone who's placed a pre-order. I am so excited to get these into your hands, and get your feed back. I will of course post an update once shipping has started. Have a great day, and keep on being ridiculous!

Live edge tables seem to be very popular these days. For those of you not familiar with what a live edge piece of furniture is:

"Live edge or natural edge is a style of furniture where the furniture designer or craftsperson incorporates the natural edge of the wood into the design of the piece."

These are typically very expensive pieces of furniture. Enter opportunity for ingenuity. Having a few projects that required reproducing a "live edge" look for a fraction the price. I created a process that helped reproduce the look utilizing very basic construction grade timber available to me. Some furniture enthusiasts and craftsmen may sneer at the utilization of very soft pine in the construction of a table top.

Pine is a soft wood. Because it is so soft, it also gets dented and scratched very easily. This design embraces that quality of the wood. It allows for a rustic look that embraces dings and dents as part of the beauty of it all. I've built a few of these now, and absolutely love the peace of mind of such a design. No worries about the abuse children can inflict on a table top. I'll save the solid maple, mahogany furniture for a day when I'm able to also bar the entrance of children from my home... Since I already have two kids.... I'm not sure that day will ever come.