As a Stylist and a Floral Designer, the one thing that I will never get tired of seeing is the endless amounts of eclectic wedding styles, visions, themes and colour palettes. After all, this is at the heart of all that I do, but it doesn’t mean it doesn't come with its own set of challenges.

Vision is important, it is the essence of every idea, but without practical application its nearly impossible to turn it into a reality.

And so I want to let you in on a few ways to steer your inspirations in the right direction to fulfil all that you have envisioned for your special day.

Firstly, there are two key steps within the process of identifying and choosing your ideal vision for your wedding day.

1. Finding Inspiration

2. Narrowing down your options

Factors to consider

Personal Inspiration: Likes/Dislikes, Personality, Favourite things to do, Search Engines (Pinterest) etc.

Practical Inspiration: Budget, Season, Wedding Venue, Wedding Decorator

Personal Inspiration: Tip Number One: GET TO KNOW YOURSELVES FIRST

Personal Inspiration: Generally, your wedding ideas and inspirations are an extension of what you and your spouse love the most, from choice of season to your theme colours.

Therefore, when thinking about the type of theme you want for your wedding day, begin to assess and ask yourselves.

What do we like? What don’t we like?

What are our favourite colours?

When and what are we doing when we feel most like ourselves?

When do we feel most at ease and comfortable?

Begin to look at your furniture, the music you listen to, the clothes you wear, the places you enjoy visiting as inspiration to really understanding what it is you love and enjoy. As this will mirror the type of atmosphere and theme you desire for your special day,

Choosing your favourite season alone will begin to narrow the ideas, colours and most importantly the day of your wedding.

A good question to ask yourselves is what would you want your wedding to reflect about you and your spouse?

If you are unsure about what you like and dislike, asking family and friends to pinpoint attributes, likes/dislikes, as they may be able to tell you things about yourself that you may not even realise.

Bonus Tip: With that in mind, with a lot of research you may be surprised that you will be drawn to certain designs and ideas that never crossed your mind, which is why it is always helpful to remain open-minded, even when you are set on an idea.

Personal Inspiration:

Tip Number Two: RESEARCH When you don’t know where to start, begin to look at magazines, search engines like Pinterest, blogs, Instagram...

Essentially, any visual tools that will begin to give you an idea about what is on offer (NB: there is no pressure to follow what’s trending).

On our next post, we will share more tips on how to narrow down your ideas and find a theme for your wedding.

Until then don't hesitate to comment, share and let us know what is your favourite tool for wedding inspirations.



As you might have noticed we love colours and love to play with them when it comes to designing a beautiful #wedding creative. I am excited to share with some more details of this #luxurious shoot we designed a couple of months ago.

The South Place Hotel, based in the City of London served as the perfect location for this Modern Luxury styled shoot. I wanted to style a wedding that incorporated a tablescape with a vibrant colour palette and over the top #florals. The idea was to create a very #luxurious and lavish look, rich in colour and details for the modern and discerning brides and grooms to be.

We were a team of 6 suppliers on the day to prepare and dress the venue, while the video and photography team took an early start to treat the makeup and hair styling as a real wedding, taking the model right through from bridal preparation to candid and posed images.

This #Luxurious modern theme was filled with gold details including golden oval chairs, golden cutleries and gold glasses. Floating candles and votives were winding all the way across the table with vibrant #florals in abundance to ensure a #luxury look, feel and scent for guests. The design of the stationaries intentionally matched the #flowers to add a #romantic touch to the tablescape.

We had Full use of the hotel, including the Michelin starred restaurant and the roof terrace to really show the diversity in themes a hotel can bring when #design is a key feature. The venue actually hosted a real wedding on the day of the shoot and walking around with a #bride really confused the groom's party pre-ceremony as they were wondering where their #bride had gone."

It was such a fun and #creative day collaborating with an amazing team of UK #wedding vendors. Scroll to bottom for list.

Film by @AlohaLondonFilms, Venue @southplacehotel, Produced by @florissadesignsevents, Model @classylassy101, Photography @stevemulveytog, Photography @ji_photography_brighton, Dress @houseofeliora, Dress @morgan_davies_bridal, Florist & venue stylist @florissadesignsevents, Hair & Make-Up @rosanasmua, Hair accessories @alexandra_bespoke, Hair accessories @ritzandsass, Cake Designer @amara_cake_boutique, Stationery @vintagefleurdesigns.

#luxuryflorals #luxuryweddings #luxurycentrepieces #syledshoot #flowers #orchidscentrepieces

Updated: Aug 1

This week we are taking a look back at this tasteful and #elegant #wedding we designed at the Double Tree by Hilton in Dartford.

We Just love an elegant and #stylish wedding and this one was no exception for our lovely bride Vanessa. She contacted us after attending another wedding we designed for one of her friend. She got our details because in her own words; she knew she needed a decorator and it had to be Florissa Designs. Needless to say she was thrilled with the result. She gave us full creative control in terms of all the #floral #arrangements and finishing touch. We had understated elegance in mind when we designed the reception which took place in the newly refurbished Queen Elizabeth Suite. Our team designed #beautiful low arrangements for the guests table as well as a floral arch for the sweetheart area for our bride and groom.

It was a beautiful day and we are so thankful to have been a part of such an amazing collaborative team who pulled all together. Thanks to Dominic Archer for the beautiful pictures.

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