Denver, CO, Release: August 15, 2019. For Immediate Release

Draca Solutions and CarpeDatum announce Merger of their Business Operations

Draca Solutions and CarpeDatum have announced today the merger of their business operations to offer an enhanced Performance Management and Analytics Consulting organization serving North America. Draca Solutions’ consulting team, customers and assets will operate as CarpeDatum post-merger. John Martin and Darrin Phipps, of Draca Solutions, will retain managing partner roles in the new organization.

“CarpeDatum provides an excellent opportunity to expand the depth and quality of our IBM TM1, Planning Analytics, Cognos Analytics, and Data Platform consulting arm, as well as expand geographically” explains John Martin, founder and Managing Partner of Draca Solutions. “With CarpeDatum’s TM1 based solutions and broad range of industry expertise, high profile clients, and some of the best and most seasoned architects in the industry, the merging of our organizations supports Draca’s strategy to provide the greatest value to our customers.”

Chris Courim, Principal of CarpeDatum, also commented that “the synergies of the Draca and CarpeDatum are perfectly matched. This merger will provide tremendous value and opportunities for our employees, customers, and IBM.”

The expanded business will serve 100+ enterprise and government organizations across the USA. Between October 1 and December 31, 2019 Draca Solutions will be transitioning billing and account setup to CarpeDatum.

CarpeDatum is a national IBM Analytics consulting organization headquartered in Denver, CO and the creators of TM1Compare and TM1Connect. Founded Steven Garno and Chris Courim, 20 year veterans in the industry in 1997, it has seen rapid growth based on the deep domain expertise with people, process, and technology.

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Congratulations to George Sarabia, CIO of Channell Corporation

John Martin, Draca Managing Partner (Left) and George Sarabia, Channell CIO (Right)

Dallas, TX, Release:  November 1, 2018. For Immediate Release

Draca Solutions announces winner of the 2018 Uncommon Sense Award

Draca Solutions announced George Sarabia, CIO of Channell Corporation, as the inaugural winner of the 2018 Uncommon Sense award.    The Uncommon Sense award was launched as a way to recognize executive leaders who think outside the box and find creative and continuous ways to improve operations, leveraging technology.  Draca Solutions wants to honor and use award winners as a way to inspire and challenge complacency.

Draca Managing Partner, John Martin, shared details about the formation of the Uncommon Sense Award, “We all as individual contributors in larger organizations have to self reflect on our intentions.  Are we just going to show up and collect a paycheck, or are we going to come in and really challenge ourselves and those around us to make a positive impact to our respective organizations? To choose the latter is not easy to do consistently. It requires tenacity and collaboration to gain executive sponsorship and team support, and it often requires admitting you don’t know the answer to a particular problem and to reach out to others who can help.  We wanted away to call out greatness and share it with others because pushing for greatness is far more satisfying then just showing up”

After a review of 22 prospective winners, George Sarabia, CIO of Channell Corporation, was selected as the inaugural winner.   “There were a lot of great candidates who are accomplishing great things” explained Mr. Martin. “But when you boiled it down to who had really pushed beyond the traditional applications of analytics, George (Mr. Sarabia), was the obvious winner.  While he is a CIO, he has learned the business, spends time with operations, and has earned their respect by figuring out ways to help them solve operational and manufacturing challenges. George has looked outside their industry to incorporate manufacturing tracking methods along with analytics to not just improve operations, but gain the respect of customers and prospects who visit.  One of the most interesting things Mr. Sarabia shared with me upon presenting the award, was how often he has to say no, which only confirmed the confidence in our choice. It is far better to say no now, to ensure you can deliver on current commitments and grow from there.”

Channell is a 3rd generation family run business, global corporation, and proud USA manufacturer of outside plant thermoplastic enclosures serving the Fiber Optic, Telecommunication, Broadband, Power, and Utility industries. Channell has been the leader of thermoplastic outside plant enclosures in the Telecommunication and Broadband industries for over 90 years. Channell prides itself on design, innovation, and service; and is constantly evolving its products to better answer the changing needs of the industry. Channell is headquartered in Temecula, CA with secondary US headquarters in Rockwall, TX. The Rockwall facility is a 280,000 sq ft state of the art facility featuring high automation robotics and end-to-end material processing. Channell's other facilities are located in Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Draca Solutions is a national IBM Analytics consulting organization headquartered in Dallas, TX.  Founded by a 20 year veteran in the industry in 2017, it has seen rapid growth attributed to the focus of a. \

More information about the products it offers can be found at the company website:

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