Updated: Oct 2

I'm pleased so many people enjoy the music I play during their massages. I'm often asked who the artists are and which tracks are used. So to make answering this easier in future, I've created a playlist on Spotify called Sensual Bodyworks - Slowcore. I hope you enjoy it and don't forget to save to your library and follow.

I will continue to update the playlist and will create additional playlists for other genres in due course. If you have any recommendations or requests for your massage please let me know, I'd be happy to include them.


I visited the FrolicMe website after seeing Anna Richards in the documentary Mums make Porn, that I discuss in an earlier post. In the series, the Mums met a number of producers of porn including Anna Richards the founder of FrolicMe. Anna says her approach is from a female perspective, but the site has content that will appeal to women, couples and men alike.

Anna Richards founder of Frolicme.

At first glance, it is a refreshing change from all the generic, poor quality and in many cases downright unpleasant websites out there, but there are a couple of problems, which I'll come to in a moment.

FrolicMe has a mix of content including films, galleries and stories. There is also a magazine section with some interesting articles as well as some promotional posts.

The content is sexy, erotic and beautiful - but therein lies the first problem for me, it's too beautiful. Perhaps it works for the beautiful people amongst us, however for us mere mortals it feels unrealistic and unattainable. Yes have some gorgeous people, but having only those blessed with perfect bodies and good looks becomes monotonous. In the end it feels unreal, destroying the fantasy.

The site appears to cater to heterosexuals and bi-curious females. There are lots of sites that have niches and every interest is catered for but it feels like FrolicMe missed a trick in changing pornography for all.

Example of FrolicMe content.

There are a number of subscription options. There is currently a promotion for annual access for £39.95 which feels like good value. Some of the other options look expensive unless you plan to dip in and not come back.

While not perfect in every way, which may not even be possible, I would recommend you pay a visit to https://www.frolicme.com


What a refreshing surprise it was to find OMGYes, a mini encyclopaedia of female arousal and pleasure. It presents information in a way that’s inclusive for women and their partners alike.

There are lots of short videos featuring real women talking about what works for them. Although it includes explicit content, it manages to feel educational, fun and natural.

While every woman is different and what works for the presenters won’t work for everyone, it provides some techniques and ideas that are worth exploring.

So, whether you’re a woman looking for new ways to masturbate, or a partner looking for new ways to please her, I recommend you take a look.