Hi, I'm Michelle Taylor, owner/stylist of Lilypepper Boutique.

I began Lilypepper Boutique originally online, but quickly decided to open a

brick & mortar store in my small town of Charlotte, MI.

I am a regular person who loves fashion and was pretty disenchanted with clothing options in my area. I began selling my used clothing on Poshmark and soon was able to have my own Poshmark Boutique. I realized that I needed to just set up shop as a real live women's boutique. Too many big department stores were closing which was making it difficult for women to find what they wanted and I, personally, was tired of all the designer labels & prices.

That was May of 2018, and now have recently revamped this website, added a small online store which I plan to grow, along with providing my brick & mortar location.

What I found by having my brick & mortar store was:

  • Women want quality clothing at an affordable price

  • Women want help in putting together outfits

  • Women don't want to wear the exact same things as everyone else

  • Women want to feel good about what they are wearing and that reflects on their attitudes & confidence levels.

  • Women really need a good quality bra and most women are not wearing the proper size

  • Women need a place to shop that gives them all of these things

These all seem pretty simple, but until you are out in the field doing these things, you don't realize the scope of it. Now, I want to add those services to my website.

In my opinion, fashion can be fun but also functional. Having a pulled-together look is way better than having an overstyled wow-factor outfit.

Having clothes that you can mix & match; give you style; are comfortable; that can give you many different looks/outfits without spending a fortune; is key.

So, this was a little about myself & Lilypepper Boutique.

I will be posting ways to help you achieve what YOU want in your fashion style, ways to help YOU be confident in your daily life, loving YOURSELF, and how-to do all of these things & more in a fun, safe environment.

There will also be guest bloggers here to give you different perspectives and tips. Lilypepper appeals to a wide range of women, so I want to make sure we have something for everyone.

Now, I want to hear about you.

What do you want to know about styling?

What are your thoughts on these issues?

Please tell me by commenting below and throughout this blog.

Let's start some Lilypep Talk!