Mind-body connections originate more than four millennia ago when physicians in ancient China realised that their patients often got sick following stressful events in their lives. About one thousand years later in ancient Greece, Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine came to the same conclusion and taught that optimal health depends on a balance of mind, body and living environment. The concept here is that our minds and emotions play a critical part in our overall wellness, as does our living environment, through immediately affecting our thought processes and feelings.

Chronic stress can cause obesity and sickness

It's the long term consequences of living in London's stress-riddled and anxiety-filled environment that are particularly worrying. Chronic psychological and emotional stress can:

  • Exacerbate diabetes.

  • Cause accelerated heart rate, abnormally high blood pressure and can also thicken blood, making you more prone to suffering a heart attack or stroke.

  • Contribute to the built up of cholesterol plaque in blood vessels.

  • Aggravate salt retention in the body.

  • Encourage the body to store fat more fat than it normally would.

  • Be the cause of sexual dysfunction and/or infertility.

  • Suppress the immune system.

Massage therapy can calm the mind

Beside the most popular well-known advice, like working fewer hours or avoiding tense situations, which in today's fast-paced London society can be impossible, there's a powerful little secret to reduce anxiety and calm the mind, without having to sell all your possessions and relocate to the Swiss Alps- and that is massage therapy.

Here are a few key benefits of getting a regular massage treatment:

  • It relaxes you, both mentally and physically.

  • It has been known for a fact to reduce stress hormones present in the body.

  • It can help lower your blood pressure.

  • By increasing blood flow to the tissues, it promotes good circulation with all the benefits that comes along.

  • It can improve your posture. Hey, who doesn't feel better when they can stand up right?

  • It can boost your immune system.

  • Common oils used in massage therapy like jojoba, avocado oil, grape-seed and almond oil can have deep nourishing effects for your skin.

  • It counteracts all the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. A well executed sports massage can activate your muscles and feel much like a workout (without all the sweating of course!).

  • It improves sleep quality.

  • It relieves headaches. Next time you get one of them pesky headaches ditch the ibuprofen and try an Indian head massage.