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There is nothing in this blog about pork chops, but I didn't have another 'P' word. Sooo there's that...

Then I suddenly realized I better post Halloween photos before I find myself at Thanksgiving dinner!

Finn was very helpful in the design of each pumpkin face. Touching the 'pumpkin guts' - not so much.

Finnegan's school had the kids wear their costumes to school that day. He had to wear a 'partial' costume - you'll see why soon. So Finn, the pirate, looked adorable of course.

Then later that afternoon Mom and Dad picked him up and the fun began.

Captain Hook seems unaffected by the fact that he is being eaten by a crocodile.

When the back view is as cute as the front.

After relocating by car, the costume was recreated. Because, well..... crocodiles don't ride well in car seats.

I need to add that Mommy made this whole costume - without a pattern. Amazing.

Chillin' with his croc buddy after a long evening.

For the winter, I am going to run - for fun. No training until spring. Therefore, I can do a lot more on the trails which I really love.

I so wanted to plant a little gnome in this tree.

We have been having amazing weather here. Indian summer, maybe? As I was hiking to catch Durango, this was the view.

Finn and I had to drive to Corvallis one day. He entertained me by singing all the usual songs (ABCs, twinkle twinkle, etc.). But he also sang his own lyrics. There were songs about trees and cars and fire hydrants. There was a song about 3 bags of wool. One for my Nana, one for my Mommy........

And then......

I've been feeding the local birds. Here they are waiting in line for the doors to open.

During a run along the beach, I just had to stop. Cool, huh?

And now it's time to start a new week and new month. Make it the best.

One step at a time,


I survived the Scary Run. Yep, I did 13.1 miles again. The weekend started on Friday with a drive with my daughter Amanda to Portland. A doctor's appointment and some shopping and then to Vancouver, Washington to a neat place we found called the Heathman Lodge.

It was very nice, a nice room, a restaurant with good food and a mattress that was solid memory foam. Aaaaaah. Oh, and birds chirping in the hallways. No birds, actually. Just the chirping piped in. :)  I have to admit I kinda enjoyed it.

Amanda is putting together the most awesome costume for Finnegan so we worked on it together fairly late that night.

Saturday morning I was out for a 2-1/2 mile run. It was cold but it felt good running through all the fall leaves.

Then we were off to pick up my race packet. I'm always hopeful that there will be a lot of freebies. This one was nice: some shoe lights, lots of granola and energy bars, tea bags, a tech shirt, and coupons.

But enough about that, we are in the big city and have shopping to do! I'm not sure all the walking I did in my boots was in my training plan, but we put in a lot of miles. We found a lot of nice things and picked out some places we need to return to!

After my traditional pasta dinner, (I think I train for these races just for the pre-race carb loading) we headed up to the room. Comfy clothes, girl talk and working on the costume made a great evening.

I set out my race gear:

Nope, not your typical race gear.

Sunday morning was FREEZING! Seriously, it was 32 degrees. About 10 degrees colder than I expected. I was so glad I picked up a pair of cheap gloves at the last minute. When we jumped in the car - this is what we saw.

Hmmm. Let's sit and let the defroster work for a minute......

Or I could stare at my ruby slippers:

The start/finish area was great. Filled with vendors. I kept moving because I was sooo cold. I got a lot of comments about my costume, but the one where they told me usually only the 5k and 10k runners get in costume, I began to wonder if I had made a mistake. Which would fail me first? The cape, the hat or the shoes??????

I figured the shoes might cause me problems. Nope, the first to go was the hat. It could not withstand the wind speed as I ran. I am that fast. Within a half mile it was hanging on my back with the string around my neck. Not conducive to breathing. Gotta go to the sidewalk.

6 or 7 miles later the cape was tied around my waist. But my ruby slippers? Awesome right till the end.

The entire race was through the fog - how perfect for a halloween scary race. The course ran along the Columbia river and through some trails. Great views but I was afraid if I stopped to take pictures, well, I might have trouble getting started again. There were lots of costumed people jumping out at the runners. It was great.

Here I am at the best part of the race. The FINISH!!

I even got 1st in my age group, so I wore two HUGE medals.

Post-race we were offered soup, water, cider, beer, donuts, and subs.

But the best thing of all? Grilled cheese! I'm serious, it was amazing. My daughter wanted to treat me to a celebration brunch at Cheesecake Factory. Yes the day just kept getting better.

Haha just kidding. We did NOT order from this menu. Give me the real thing.

My sister drove over to meet us and we truly had a great time.

Then we headed for home. This was our view as we crossed back over into Oregon.

A great time for the memory book. And two extremely heavy medals to add to the hanger. Because...... it's all about the bling.

One step at a time,



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Do you know the hardest part of writing a blog? Starting. Yes, it's a lot like stepping outside to go for a run. Just getting out the door is the hardest part. Plus, when I look at the blank page, at the top it says "ADD A CATCHY TITLE". Gee thanks - so much pressure.

I know some people have pools and pool boys. Well I have a stable and finally a handsome stable boy.

Here he is asking to hold my hand while meeting some of the loud neighbors.

We had fun visiting the little donkeys.

We even visited with the barn caterpillar.

While I filled the wheelbarrow, Finn loved on the new barn kitten.

And to top of the training day, of course was a visit to the outhouse. But it came after saying "are you sure you can't wait?" numerous times.

I'm only a week from my next half marathon. I'm not feeling all that good about it even though I've been keeping up with all my training. It is officially - or maybe it is just official in my mind - the rainy season. The wind seems to accompany the rain at an alarming rate. I've learned that sweatshirts double their weight when caught in a storm.

Hopefully its just nerves...

Finn says he's ready to take my bike out for a spin.

During a trip up the coast to Washington (for a cold case review with the Center for Missing and Exploited Children), I saw that someone is getting a big package.

I really tried to behave myself.

I can recommend this diet. If I'm unusually stressed in the morning, by following this I feel amazing at night.

And since we are talking about health or maybe mental health:

I have amazing news and can't believe I haven't told you before. Finn is going to have a baby sister in March. SO exciting.

Finn could either be enjoying the view of the bay or he is contemplating the news of a new baby sister.

Have a peaceful week full of laughter.

One step at a time,