November is here, that means it's our birthday month! We are 2 this year!

We are doing a variety of special things to celebrate this great occasion.

Here is our 'BLACK SLAB 22' for 2018. A list of what we think were the best vinyl releases we enjoyed this year.

22. The Prodigy - No Tourists

November 2018 | UK | Take Me To The Hospital | Electronic, Breaks, Big Beat, Drum n Bass

"It's like time travelling back to 1991! Back to their roots!."

Available in-store or online HERE:

21. Nicolas Godin - Au Service de la France

NCLS , Because Music | France | Stage & Screen, Soundtrack, French, Jazz

"Stick on your fake moustache, put on your mustard cardigan and pretend you're a french cop from the seventies! Soundtrack from Nicholas Godin, best known as one half of the French duo, Air"

20. Ame - Dream House

June 2018 | Innervisions | Germany | Electronic House, Deep House, Downtempo

Available in-store or online HERE:âme-dream-house

19. Half Man Half Biscuit - No One Cares About Your Creative Hub...

May 2018 | Probe Plus | UK | Alternative Rock

"He got a Boardman bike on the Cycle To Work scheme, discovered he really enjoyed it. Started watching the Tour de France highlights on ITV4, worshipped at the altar of Wiggo and Froome-dog. Goes out every Sunday in full Sky replica kit"

- "Every Time A Bell Rings", Half Man Half Biscuit

Available in-store or online HERE:

18. Emma-Jean Thackray - Ley Lines

May 2018 | The Vinyl Factory | UK | Jazz, Electronic, Hip Hop, Future Jazz

"Recorded in her London flat, she built each track, instrument-by-instrument. Emma-Jean Thackray, a multi instrumentalist from Yorkshire, started in a Brass band when she was young and turned onto Jazz, by buying any cheap Jazz albums she could afford, Miles Davis, Kind Of Blue, finding A Love Supreme and “not understanding it. I can only describe this album has 'Nerdy Brass Modern Jazz' but in the best possible way”

Available in-store or online HERE:

17. Rag'n'Bone Man - Bluestown

April 2018 | Rumbustious Records | UK | Hip Hop, Funk / Soul, Blues

"Reissue of Rag'n'Bone Man's 2012 debut EP 'Bluestown' for Record Store Day 2018. It is more than just the blues. A bit of hip hop, use of samples, and a 'northern soul' track thrown in"

16. Mad Professor - Electro Dubclubbing

Ariwa | UK | Reggae, Dub

"Rub a dub dub. Perfect collection of dub!"

15. Detroit Rising - A Cosmic Jazz Funk Adventure

March 2018 | Down Jazz Records | US | Jazz, Funk, Soul

"It does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a cosmic Jazz Funk adventure (with a bit of soul) Think P-Funk. Think Prince. Gorgeous Artwork and Clear Vinyl."

Available in-store or online HERE:

14. All The Witches - ATW

September 2018 | New West Records | US | Hard Rock, Psychedelic Rock

"From Tennessee, The album opener 'Fishbelly 86 Onions' just blows socks off! Very Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Neo psychedelia blues rock."

Available in-store or online HERE:

13. Jackson Sisters - Jackson Sisters

June 2018 | Mr Bongo | US | Funk / Soul, Disco

"Fantastic re-issue of a classic 1976 R&B/Soul album from the Jackson Sisters (no relation) based in Detroit, Michigan. A collection of unbelievable songwriting. 'Miracles' is an obvious favourite, but 'Boy You're Dynamite' is incredible."

Available in-store or online HERE:

12. Paul Weller - True Meanings

September 2018 | Parlophone | UK | Acoustic

"Slowed down. Mellow. Acoustic Guitar. Rich Arrangements. Personal. Introspective. Surprising. It's the album especially for non-Paul Weller fans to experience his gift for songwriting outside of his stereotypical trademark style."

Available in-store or online HERE:

11. Gorillaz - The Now Now

June 2018 | Parlophone | UK, Europe & US | Alternative Rock, Pop, Electronic

"Having being let down by Gorillaz' album of the previous year, Humanz (2017) with it's attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, it's overbearing list of guest appearances and it's too long of a tracklist. It was very hard to listen to, or settle into. The Now Now is a timely, thoughtful and welcome letter of apology. This time. focusing on being a band again, instead of a backing band. There's a smooth slow flow to the album, space to breathe and room for songs to be more awarding than 'guess the guest star'"

Available in-store or online HERE:

10. Various Artists - What Am I To Do?

June 2018 | Music On Vinyl | UK | Compilation | Reggae

"Limited to 750 copies on orange vinyl, pressed by the monsters of vinyl pressing 'Music on Vinyl' from The Netherlands, a re-pressing of the 1970 reggae compilation 'What Am I To Do?' This year was the 50th Anniversary of Trojan Records, which we celebrated. This compilation sneaked onto our turntable many times a week beating many other Trojan compilations!"

Available in-store or online HERE:

09. Ebo Taylor - Yen Ara

April 2018 | Mr Bongo | Ghana | World, Highlife

"Spent most of this summer humming along to an 81 year old Ghanaian Afrobeat/ Highlife legend. Don't know what he's singing about or know any of the words, but know every harmony off by heart. This album FULL of energy gets the most miserable to dance. Every song is so infectious!"

Available in-store or online HERE:

08. Courtney Barnett - Tell Me How You Really Feel

May 2018 | Mom + Pop | Australia | Alternative Rock

"Lazy to say this but the only other musician I can compare Courtney Barnett to is Kurt Cobain, from Nirvana. She is as equally as talented, on many levels. Songwriting, style, guitar playing, so on. When listening to this album, all I could think of it being a modern (softer) Nirvana album. Always loved Courtney Barnett from her first single, and this album didn't disappoint. Red vinyl.....oooooooooo"

Available in-store or online HERE:

07. Simian Mobile Disco (Ft. Deep Throat Choir) - Murmurations

May 2018 | Wichita | Europe | Electro, Techno, House

"In the perfect world, this is what the 2018 'Bananarama" comeback album would have sounded like. Both singles 'Defender' and 'Hey Sister' on first listen sound like there isn't much going on... dig deeper and there's so much to get lost in, thanks to the Deep Throat Choir."

Available in-store or online HERE:

06. The Flaming Lips - Greatest Hits, Vol 1

June 2018 | Warner Bros. Records | US | Alternative Rock

"2018 compilation album. Crazy band. Crazy tunes. Crazy artwork. Owe yourself to re-discover, or discover this truly magnificent band that stretches over many decades!"

Available in-store or online HERE:

05. Blundetto - Bad Bad Things

April 2018 | Heavenly Sweetness | France | Reggae, Funk, Electronic, Pop

Available in-store or online HERE:

04. Michael Rault - It’s A New Day Tonight

May 2018 | Wick Records | US | Alternative Rock

"The greatest moustache in Rock'n'Roll today. If you put this record between the classics, (David Bowie, Marc Bolan, The Beatles or Lou Reed) or Modern Indie favourites (Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Mac Demarco or Tame Impala) This record fits incredibly well! At times, head and shoulders and moustache above the rest!"

Available in-store or online HERE:

03. Arctic Monkeys - Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

May 2018 | Domino | The Earth's Moon | Indie Rock...?

"An album that will be number one on many other 'Best of 2018' lists. This was the cult album we were ready for and expected from Alex Turner. We wanted more 'Scott Walker - 3' Baroque-lounge-smooth-jazz, we wanted more obscure sci fi references, we wanted more 'public service broadcasting' haunting beeps and lunar surface howls! We felt the pain when we realised Alex cut his hair and shaved his beard! TBH&C was the only album released in 2018 that HAD TO BE bought and played on vinyl, keeping with the perfectly crafted retro-futuristic aesthetic. Looking forward to the day when someone realises that if you play this record backwards, it syncs up perfectly with Mel Brooks' Spaceballs (1987)"

Available in-store or online HERE:

02. Otzeki - Binary Childhood

April 2018 | Discophorus | Europe | Electronic, Rock, Pop

"This two piece sounds like a mixture of an lo-fi Hot Chip and the vocals of Eels. Otzeki is a band that deserves an insane amount of Radio play. Loved the colourful artwork housed inside the brown sleeve, which included the clear beige vinyl. "

01. Tom Misch - Geography

April 2018 | Beyond The Groove | Europe | Electronic, Hip Hop, Jazz, Funk / Soul, Pop

"This surprising genre-bending debut album from UK Bedroom self-producer, Tom Misch, was stupidly mistaken by us as Radio 1 Fodder. We were wrong. This album is an emotional, enjoyable and completely impressive selection of songs that turn into a beautiful soundscape of Jazz, Soul, Pop, Electronic and Hip Hop, The artwork is incredible. The vinyl is bright yellow. The guest appearances are all superb. Apart from Arctic Monkeys' TBH&C, Tom Misch's debut is THE sound of 2018. The highest attention of detail, a blend of multiple genres and totally accessible to music nerds and to the mainstream audience. 'Black Slab 22' of 2018 Album Of The Year for sure."

Available in-store or online HERE: