We all like to do things ourselves sometimes, but when it comes to large home projects, sometimes it's better to have a professional tackle it with you.

1. Saves money long-term

Doing it yourself may seem like a cheap solution, but is it really? The painter must understand your needs and be able to fulfill them as promised. Hiring a non-professional means they may be unable to deliver what you were picturing. Get the job done right the first time by working with a professional painting contractor and save yourself the headache and mistakes early on.

2. We are professionals. We use professional tools.

Painting is our trade. It's what we do best! As professional contractors that have successfully completed hundreds of projects, we know the best, most efficient and quickest solution that will give you the best results, the first time around. We use state of the art technology that'll give you the results you expect. Especially when it comes to commercial buildings or properties, hiring a professional painting contractor is crucial to achieving a professional appearance of your company building.

3. Our commercial painters save you time

We've been painting and working on projects just like yours, for years. Our painting contractors always set a timeline and have a team of professionals on your side to get the job done. Our commercial painters never compromise on quality, we are organized, planned and familiar with meeting deadlines.

4. Our commercial painting contractors are ENSURED, CERTIFIED and ACCREDITED

We are certified professionals that have credentials, experience and insurance. Don't leave yourself open to liabilities or accidents. We have license to operate and are proud of our reputation as the best painting contractors in Sheboygan. Don't hire just anyone to come work on your home, hire professionals. Read more about our credentials here!

Updated: Aug 22

Who doesn't love new flooring? Better yet, keeping what you already have, and making it better. Haugen Homes Painting & Decorating removed the old carpeting in this kid's room and restored the wood floors that were hidden underneath. We sanded the floors down with four different levels of grit, before applying a sealant to the wood. We used a water-based Polyurethane clear coat that will help preserve the wood for years to come. As professional painters, we love that this surface finish will not only make your home look great, but that it also protects against everyday wear and tear. After a few coats we will be able to achieve that nice, "wet look" homeowners love. You can see the difference in just one coat as pictured above. The newly finished floors will reflect light, making the room more inviting and appealing than the old, brown carpeting. Stay tuned for updates!

Updated: Aug 21

This home owner wanted our team of painters to match pre-existing texturing on the basement walls. No problem. We've successfully completed many texturing projects in numerous Sheboygan homes and know that timing is key when it comes to texturing.

Our team makes sure to your protect your property by putting down plastic and taping down the edges to surfaces. Chris is seen here mixing the material, then applying to a couple pieces of sample drywall to ensure the best results.

Haugen Homes is an experienced and thorough team of painting contractors who always go above and beyond to make sure you get the best results. This means doing testing and a couple trials before actually starting on your walls. Thanks to Chris's methodical and controlled approach we were able to get the texturing very close tot he original.

Great job team! More to come.