Updated: Oct 31


I have a new project that I'd like to tell you about. If you attended one of my shows last week (on my Ontario/Quebec tour with JESSA), you may have already heard.

The past four years have been filled with change. I lost my mother, moved cities, made big adjustments to my career and my approach to both my art and my emotional life. I discovered my love of olympic weightlifting, kettlebells and calisthenics.

Developed over the past three years, with a few shows in Montreal, Toronto and Tokyo, Linaire is the result of a personal and artistic reset. I took a break from performing and spent time learning about recording and the use of computer technology in live performance. I also acquired an omnichord (an incredibly charming little electronic auto-harp developed in the 80s). I began to get curious about the nature and roots of my anxiety and depression, which had been with me since my early childhood and coloured so much of my existence. I wrote, walked and lifted weights.

When I returned to songwriting, what emerged was something very different from what I’d made before – both in aesthetic but also in its roots. The songs explore moving through anxiety and difficult emotions, the search for identity, a call to presence and curiosity. It’s about leaving home, forgiving and letting go. It’s also an attempt to take a long view of time. I felt compelled to pick a name for this project. And so, Linaire emerged.

There is an album due in 2020 (!!!), but for now, here is a tiny taste of my live set, filmed last week in Montreal at La Sotterenea.

Best, Anna


In a few weeks I'll be playing a string of Ontario/Quebec dates with singer-songwriter-guitarist extraordinaire, Jessa. If you live in any of these cities, we'd love to see you there! More info about the individual shows here.

Ps. Many of the shows have early start times!


Updated: Sep 3

This summer, I swam in the ocean and several lakes. I also attended my first ever residency at The Banff Centre - a program called The Creative Gesture, where composers, choreographers and dancers are given time and space to make collaborative work. I met amazing artists from all over the world and am filled to the brim with inspiration.


The new album is just getting its finishing touches and I cannot wait to share it. It was tracked last Spring at Studio Oboro in Montreal with engineer and co-producer Alexander MacSween and mixed over the course of the summer. More on that soon.


Montreal, Vancouver and Victoria shows are on the horizon (see Shows). On October 30th in Montreal, I will be performing as part of a multi-disciplinary evening at Sala Rossa. I'll perform a solo set, as well as a collaboration I began at The Banff Centre with choreographer Kimberly De Jong and dancer Avery Smith.