This year on World Book Day 2019 I attended my first ever book launch, for my book! Seriously exciting stuff, felt super important! I had the great opportunity of working with members of Winchester Creative Writing Course and Winchester Council in illustrating their KS2 Air Pollution book alongside my fellow illustrator Hannah who illustrated KS1. I was so pleased to be able to see my book in final print after spending so long drawing it all, quite frankly I thought i'd be sick of looking at it by then. But i've never been so proud of me, go me! We were asked to sit (front and centre) and listen to the writers read to the children the stories. Watching them all get excited about what they look like and who has the same name as one of the characters is honestly why I love working with children so much. We posed for some official pictures for the newspaper and my lecturer Kieron took some snaps on my phone for me, then telling me that my mum phoned 100 times, classic Jayne.


The story by the way thought I should mention is a crazy one. It involves Queen Elizabeth 1 coming out of Sam's imagination and meeting both the inventor of the steam engine and the penny farthing all in one day, what a ride! But you'll have to read the rest to find out. Now my copy that I had to hand in for official submission is slightly different, but not a huge amount. So i'll show you some pictures of both the day and my photographs for hand in a see what you think!