• Samara King

So we all know that creative life can be richly rewarding, that there are highs and lows and everything in between on this journey we call life, baring that in mind, I wanted to create something immediate that would be a positive, bite-size nibble into those days when others and myself included may need an energy push. You know the days when you're stuck in your pajamas wondering if you can just skip to the weekend. Enter #AffirmationsForCreatives, short affirmations for the creative soul. A couple of times a week, you may find them here on my blog, Twitter or throughout the social media-sphere. Because one thing is for sure, we all can use encouragement!


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One of my favorite heroes, Durant Kane, is coming back on the scene with the re-release of Sweeter Than This (a Night Owl Review Top Pick) Be sure to pick up a copy here


Sweeter Than This (Re-release)

Release date: June 11, 2019

Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing


*See Durant Kane's Book Boyfriend profile here.


About The Book:


Revenge can be sweet and desire deadly—or so Officer Elle Taylor finds out upon learning that her father is the late Chicago mobster Montgomery ‘Black’ Kearns. When an unknown enemy targets Elle’s mother, she leans on her ex-lover and Kearns’ enforcer, Durant Kane, for help.

Durant Kane is no stranger to trouble, especially the kind that comes with a gun trained on his face and an angry woman attached. But Elle’s something different, something unexpected and sweeter. He never could have imagined coming to feel so deeply about her, even if his own disastrous path in relationships hadn’t left him so wary. But he’ll have to take the risk if he doesn’t want to lose the woman he’s come to realize he can’t even think of living without.

With her best friend murdered, a man believed to be partly responsible under the nose of her gun and a stranger looming in the shadows out for blood, Officer Elle Taylor is running out of time and people to trust. Will Elle risk crossing the forbidden line between duty and love once and for all, before a murderer strikes, leaving her life in flames?