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The Writer's Book of Days is complete. It has been a year since we started the monthly challenge to improve our writing through the workshops and writer's room. October is the end of our fiscal year and the beginning of our next. At the business meeting on the 28th we will be electing new officers, paying our dues, and discussing next years goals, projects, and events. It is also the time for evaluation of the old and introduction of the new. The website and newsletter are on the agenda. Change is not always a bad thing.


So the website will remain in the September mode for now. I have faithfully followed the regimen, accepting and completing the monthly goals and writing exercises and it has greatly improved my writing. I submitted to a major publication and even though it was rejected, the editorial staff came back with "we enjoyed reading your story; we appreciated the rollicking, lyrical nature very much; became immediately invested;thanks to the high stakes of the narrative and the development of the characters, remained on the edge of our seats throughout; it's clear this was the work of a talented writer; we truly did enjoy this story and we see a lot of promise in it." Although a rejection, it was not a form letter that will be added to my wallpaper, and they even offered a critique on how I could fix the piece. In summary they gave me an "MMW" critique, telling me what was great and then telling me how I might fix what was not working.


I am evaluating our current website and would appreciate suggestions on making it better. I have been researching other writers groups and considering several options, but this is not just my site it is every MMW members site and should reflect the eclectic personality of our membership. What should we change, eliminate, expand, or include? What would help us become better writers? How can we generate more member participation in the site? What should our main emphasis be? We just published our anthology, how can we use the site to advertise? All these and other questions are flooding my mind and I am actively seeking answers and suggestions. You all have my email, let me know.


See you on the 28th.


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Fall is on the way and before we know it 'ole' man winter will be blowing in the door. Only 3 more guidelines and this years writer's workshop will be completed. All of us have different goals and reasons for writing and many of you probably did not find the guidelines or the exercises of any benefit, but I sure did. Have not decided what will be the emphasis next year. As always if you have some suggestions I am open.




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August has arrived and we enter what is known as the Dog Days of Summer. Ever wonder where this phrase came from? It is a reference to the time the Sun occupies the same region of the heavens as Sirius, which is a part of the constellation Canis Major, the Greater Dog, and is the brightest star visible from any part of the earth. Therefore, Sirius is sometimes called the Dog Star. In the summer, Sirius rises and sets with the Sun. On July 23rd the two are in conjunction and because it is so bright the ancient Romans believed it radiated heat adding to the Sun's warmth and creating the long stretch of sultry weather twenty days before and twenty days after the alignment (July 3 to August 11). They referred to it as dies caniculares or “dog days.” Of course, the Romans were wrong, Sirius, regardless of its brightness did not add to the heat of the Sun. The heat is a result of the earth’s tilt. During the summer in the Northern Hemisphere this tilt causes the Sun’s rays to hit at a more direct angle for a longer period of the day, which means hotter days. Thus, ends the lesson.


How are you doing on the workshop? Are you doing writing on a daily basis? How many notebooks have you filled? Is your writing improving? What are your thoughts on the practice? Let me know how it is going and what could be done to improve the sessions.


Think your day job is hindering or blocking your career as a writer? Take a look at the Readings for Writers page and see what many famous writer's did before they became famous. They walked in your shoes and then some. Few of them had a day job as a writer.


This month's Sampler is an interview conducted by member Lindsey Russell and as a former news reporter I thought it an excellent example of writing as well as interviewing. The questions were insightful and well constructed without wading in the weeds. It was a pleasure to read and could be a point of contemplation for any writer, not just journalese.


The Writer's Room is a review of sentence structure to go along with verb usage from July. Even though we are creative people, there are still rules that need to be observed and review is always helpful. If you are having a problem with specific issues let me know and we will address them. The name of the game is becoming the best writer you can be.


Welcome to new member Laura Bender. A retired U.S. Navy Chaplin she brings a lot of experience and insight to the group. We look forward to hearing from her pen.


Say goodbye to FannyFreewrite. She is going to join Katy Keyboard in cyberspace. Not sure what will replace her as yet. Any ideas?