• Vanessa Sol

Updated: Aug 5

You’ve come this far! You’ve decided that you cannot contribute to industries that profit off of hurting innocent animals. Now what? Aside from watching Earthling Ed all day and eating fruit, what more can be done to help the animals, the planet, and humans? The most important thing you can do is join the thousands of people around the world who are getting active for animals.


What does it mean to be active? Being active means you are participating in or organizing disruptions, protests, shut-downs, vigils, marches, online campaigns, or other actions meant to educate people, terminate/damage operations, or rescue animals.


Vegans are starting to face the suffering, the counter-arguments, the doubts, the mockery, the violence, and the hate. Why? Because we have the truth on our side. If those who have made the connection don't speak up for animals who will?


A “vigil” is a habitual event where a group of activists meet at a slaughterhouse or live market to document the plight of the animals and to educate the public about animal rights with photos or literature. Depending on the group’s relationship with the slaughterhouse, these types of events often lead to rescuing animals over time. Rescuing animals and talking to strangers is not always a guarantee, but documentation for Social Media is a massive tool for reaching hundreds of thousands of carnivores who wouldn’t ever see a slaughterhouse or transport truck otherwise.


Aside from outreach and exposure goals, there is also value in the inexpressible, heart wrenching experience of looking into the eyes of a beautiful, innocent animal to show them one moment of love right before other humans violently slaughter them.


Coming closer to the suffering for the first time was one of the hardest moments of my entire life. Seeing all of the feces caked on the outside of the truck, and then looking inside to see all of the cows, lambs, and goats bunched together in fear made me cry, but I wanted to scream. From that experience, I learned that nothing I feel about their suffering can ever compare to the suffering itself.


That is why I am able to continue being active. It is never too late to take action. Elevate the cries of animals to reach the public consciousness. Go vegan, get active! For them.