Hey commissioners! The schedule has just been updated.

The email was also slightly incorrect, I got a couple of days/times mixed up.

I will be doing 3 days 9am-3pm AEDT and one day 12pm-6pm AEDT.

Kylantha and Naat appeared to be in timezones that worked for both sessions.

Please email me if there's any problems! <3

Hello my new commissioners! Thankyou so much for commissioning me ^^ I will be organizing my schedule for the next two weeks over the weekend and I'll send out an email once I've sorted it out.

Please note that they don't always go according to plan so there may be some adjustments throughout the weeks. I'll keep you all updated here though! Thanks in advance for your understanding :)


Fluffy Regards,


  • Naira Wolf

Hi there commissioners (and my Twitter draw winner!)

There's not many of you left, but I wanted to update you all to let you know I'm moving house! I'm moving on the 12th, so I am spending this week packing and cleaning. I will also be very exhausted after the move so I will be taking a day or two to rest.


I will continue working on your pictures after this and open again for commissions soon after.


Thankyou for your patience! <3