We make it about so much more than just taking pictures. It's about you - as a couple, as a family. The memories of the most important phases of your life! 1. When we first meet: We can use our studio or I can come to your place or a Panera type place near you. We want you to be comfortable.

2. Our Packages: We offer unlimited time, unlimited images, full access and an album hand-crafted in Venice Italy! Wherever we see a limitation (such as time) we eliminate it and offer more!

3. Your Engagement: Leading up to the wedding your engagement is a special time in your life with all the hopes and expectations in front of you. It's SO important to capture this period of life with an Engagement Session so we can spend a good hour focusing on just you and your relationship. The wedding will be great, but that's an event and you'll be dressed in a way different than any other time in your life. The Engagement Session lets us see the real you and highlight your relationship to each other and what's most important.

4. Pre-Wedding Meeting: About 6 weeks before the wedding we'll meet up at our studio to go over your timeline. Our goal is to ensure you get the most out of your wedding and don't feel rushed or stressed. By identifying what group shots, family shots, etc we can coordinate to keep things flowing in a fun easy way. At this meeting we'll also pre-design your album concept and discuss where you'll be displaying your Wall Art in your home.

5. The Wedding: From hair and makeup through the dance floor we're the only hired partner that's with you the ENTIRE day. We naturally become your day-of coordinator to help alleviate stress and keep you on your timeline. Our years (and years) of experience are your benefit.

6. The Premiere: About 2-3 weeks after the wedding you'll be invited back to our studio for your Premiere. This is the first time your images will be displayed and we'll have your album pages pre-designed along with your cover, box and Wall Art. This is when you'll be placing your order for your amazing heirloom pieces.

7. The Rest: It doesn't end with the wedding. We hope to have a life-long friendship to help capture maternity, newborn and family pictures for years to come!!!



Every second of every wedding we're thinking. We're anticipating what's next. What's about to happen and where do I need to be to ensure I get that shot. What angle? How's that light? What's in the background? If I'm getting that shot, will it mean I can't be in place for the next shot right after it? We need to be 100% in-tune with everything that's happening and can NOT be distracted. Often times we need to step in and act as a coordinator to help address something. Our experience kicks in and we help avoid a moment of stress for the couple. Imagine if you just hire a friend to do this. Yeah, they own a camera. Yeah they may have taken a few nice shots or even done a few weddings and yeah - they're probably free or a case of beer. They will know people at your wedding. They'll want to socialize. They'll want to have fun too. You will never know what amazing shot opportunities are missed. You'll simply never have seen them because they were never taken. You'll never know how good it could have been if you hired a pro. You'll just be another bride disappointed with their pictures but now with a weird vibe between you and that friend. If you've read this far, Just consider how important this day is. Let's do it right. You've got the awesome venue, you've got the awesome DJ, you've got the gorgeous dress - Let's just do it right


There are "Painters" then there are "Painters". Same holds true for photography. There is a skill, an art, a wealth of experience involved in photography akin to any other art or talent. It grows and develops over time gaining in the value of what's offered to clients. As with any industry, the gradient of skill often times aligns with the gradient of compensation. If, for example, you find someone who costs twice as much, they may be charging that because they are confident they are worth that and can demand that. If, however, you find someone for half as much, you should be wondering why. That being said, there are many high-priced professionals who have no right charging what they do. There are some amazing professionals who can afford to give great discounts and deals and there are many in the middle who can be flexible in either direction, so - do your homework, ask questions and make an informed decision. As the two images below will show, simply taking a picture is not a consistent talent. There's way more to it and getting someone good is well worth the investment.