I'm so excited to be back on the stage at UCB's Hell's Kitchen with a hiii-larious new sketch show. CHECK, PLEASE is a spank written by John Zachary Townsend about all the crazy happenings that take place in a West Village restaurant (that's definitely NOT based on somewhere we used to work, but thanks for asking). Tickets at the link below for the one-night-only comedy extravaganza!






Along with co-producer Matt Stango, I'm happy to present the finale of our season-long comedic one-act competition, SHOW OF SHOWS, at The Pit! We started with six one-acts back in October, and come December will have narrowed the remaining teams down to two. Hosted by Matt Stango and me, teams lead by Ryan Meyer and Max Reinhardsen. Both teams will present the entirety of the shows on December 5 + 7th at 9:30 - tickets at link below.




Nina Rivers sits down with the Tinseltown Tribune to discuss her latest work in Sorry Steven! It's Sarah Season.

A Parody Interview.


Written by Madeline Mahoney, Co-Starring Peter Molesworth