On Tuesday 12th March, year five and six went to Gressen hall to learn things about the Victorians.This is what we learnt:


A Victorian school is extremely different to our schools; If they slouched they would get their fingers put into a finger device and was tied behind there chair so it pulled up there back so that they learnt there lesson. If they missed behaved (or got the question wrong) they would be made to wear a hat called the dunces hat. Then they would have to stand at the front of the class and have the class shout DUNCE DUNCE DUNCE...So their schools were very different to what our schools are as they are a lot kinder and less strict. If we were to make a mistake we wouldn't have to wear a hat called the dunces hat as the teachers understand that we are not all perfect an that mistakes are a way of learning.


A Victorian laundry is very different to our laundry, they use large , heavy machines that help them with there washing. It was not very common for inmates of the workhouse to read and write, so they would use colours ; they were able to say "stick it on red " o"turn the dial to blue" If the machines were working then they had to use two barrels to wash their clothes . The inmates would use a wooden Dolly and turn there belongings round .


There were a lot of games in the Victorians, although they are hard,they can still be fun.

These are some of the games:

.Cats cradle

.tiddly winks


.higher or lower


Not a lot of the food in the Victorian era, was as pleasant as the others and compared to what we have now its completely different. Inmates in the workhouse still had three meals a day but there not so nice for example : bread and a block of cheese ,gruel (one spoon of oats and water which is very different from now .


We had a great trip at Gressen hall!


By HT, AL, AB. EB, ES, AG.



Tomorrow there is a talent show at quarter to 3 at WVJS. There are 12 acts taking part. More news to follow tomorrow! JD