Updated: 2 days ago

Hello everyone


I found two serious bugs in 2.6.22f4. The first one is that UModeler object is snapped even though Grid Enabled is off in the settings. The other is that Pivot Tool and Pivot To Center Tool don't work as expected like UModeler object jumps as soon as applying a new pivot.

Now these bugs have been fixed in 2.6.23. In addition to it assigning a material to a whole object using shortcuts have been implemented.


The change log is as follows.

  • Fix : Fixed not disabling grid snapping in Object Mode.

  • Fix : Fixed object world position jumping when using pivot tools.

  • Enhancement : Enabled a material to be assigned to a whole UModeler object in Object mode using a hotkey.


UModeler 2.6.22 has been uploaded finally. This update contains many changes. Among them what I would like to highlight is as follows.

  • World Grid Snapping

When Grid Enabled is on vertices will be snapped to world grid positions. This will enable you to make a constant level with ease.

  • New properties for .Obj Exporter

Several options for .obj Export have been added as shown below. You can only export .obj file without .mtl if you don't need material files. Vertex colors can also be exported at the end of each position.

  • Shortcuts Alt + n for assigning materials.

10 material slots are able to have shortcuts from Alt+0 to Alt+9 which also work in other tools as well as the material tool. This will make assigning materials a breeze.


The release notes are as follows.


  • Enhancement : Improved a way of assigning Materials with Alt+0 + Alt+9.

  • Enhancement : Improved Grid snapping so that it works based on world space.

  • Enhancement : Now UModeler object moves by a grid size when Grid snapping is enabled.

  • Enhancement : ExportTool Added Create Folder, Export Material, Export Vertex Color and Optimize UV toggles for .obj export to allow a folder not to be created.

  • Enhancement : ExportTool Added Reset .Obj Properties button.

  • Enhancement : ExportTool Allowed a mesh to be exported as .obj under any other folders.

  • Enhancement : Changed the Move/Rotate/Scale handlers’ position to the center of the last element. It used to be the center of all the selected elements.

  • Enhancement : Increased the selection vertex marker size. Now markers are more noticdeable and easiser to be selected.

  • Enhancement : Made CMD available instead of CTRL on MacOSX

  • Fix : Fixed Null Reference Exception in UVEditorWindow.EditorMsgCallback

  • Fix : The search text edit box is emptied in the inspector when a tool is selected.

  • Fix : Fixed UV2 generation issue in Refresh All.

  • Fix : Fixed some exception errors of Refresh All.

  • Fix : Fixed entangled vertices bug happening when moving a vertex with Invert Vertex on.

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where the cursor isn’t displayed rightly when the camera is under the world floor.

  • Fix : Fixed Null Reference Exception and Null Argument Exception thrown when entering Play Mode.

  • Fix : Fixed UV distortion of Autolayout.