I sat down by the cascading falls

appearing as a spirit, no doubt

a pale, ethereal glow

in the falling twilight


and yet somehow I also was

are we not all?

in our constant evolution,

in that constant decay

but flesh that dies,

and will die

and will linger in some other.









to be lost in that blue light

its glow ever more faint,

amidst the towering evergreens

& fallen leaves


to be absolved

in the holiness of that light






here the spirits cry

for where do we turn

in our pallid aura

fallow perception



to feel the touch

of damp rock & root

of air thick with spirit

to be absolved,

in the holiness of that light




I'm looking forward to having this space, where I can offer a greater glimpse into the process, environment and overall vision I hope to share and convey with the world. I hope you find these tidings of light and life to be of note and worth.