So, I was on my lunch break at work one day and I was joined by the rest of the 12 o’clock lunch crew. We were all sitting in our usual spots . . . yes, we somehow managed to have assigned seats in the break room. And by we, I mean four women who are in their late twenties, mid thirties, late forties, and a fabulous fifty.


They might actually kill me for sharing their ages . . .


Anyhoo . . .


The point is, we are all #grownAF and yet, we have our assigned spot at the break room table and everyone in the building knows not to fork (a little lunchroom humor) with those seats. So much so, that when a new person comes in they know exactly where to go: that chair closest to the door.


Earlier in the week on that day I started my story off with, one of the guys in the office brought in his lunch. He’s been working in the building for about a year and not once has he eaten with us, but he finally came to his senses and realized how fun we are. So, he brought in his #lunch in his lunchbox (read: gallon sized zipper plastic bag) and he pulled out that chair closest to the door and he popped a squat.


We, of course, grilled him on his life and he answered all questions. Ten minutes in and he was one of us! We welcomed him into the 12 o’clock lunch crew with arms wide open.


The next day, he came in, but didn’t have his bag o’ food. I asked him if he was gonna eat with us and told him his seat was open!


The grin on his face was so big, I thought it was going to crack his face open. He said he couldn’t eat with us today because he had school work to do, but he was so happy we enjoyed his company the other day. He then asked where his nameplate was. We all looked at him with puzzled faces and he again asked where the nameplate for his chair was. He said if he was officially a part of the lunch crew, he needed a nameplate for his assigned seat.


Now we were the ones with grins beaming.


He gets us.



We don’t actually have nameplates on our chairs, but after his comment, I had a thought.

The #holidays are approaching and we do have our office #holiday party coming up in a few weeks. We do a ‘guess that baby game’, have lunch, and my favorite part, we play white elephant.


How great would it be to get some custom nameplates made to add into the gifts?


East Point Foundry would be the perfect place for me to get some custom nameplates made!


East Point Foundry is headquartered in East Point, Georgia and they hand craft rich, high quality cast bronze and aluminum plaques. Everything they make is crafted in house and by hand, which, who doesn’t love that?


Their website (click that link above . . . you know you want to) is super informational. They give you all you need to know about their bronze and aluminum plaques, nameplates, lettering, architectural designs, castings, and sculptings. Not only will you find what it is they do, but East Point Foundry also gives you a history of bronze and more.


Already have a plaque or sculpting that is aged, worn, and tattered? East Point Foundry also does refurbishing to make your piece look like new.


Even if you don’t have an awesome holiday office party coming your way in a few weeks, think of that person in your life who needs an amazing custom piece East Point Foundry can provide. Hop on that website and check out their photos to see the process of what they do and the products they produce. Then, once you do that, request your #FREE quote and give them a call.


Now, what should my custom nameplate say?


How about Official 12 O’Clock Lunch Crew Member? Or Honorary Lunch Lady?


Yeah, that’ll do. That’ll do. Although this is more of a fun way to create a custom nameplate, on a serious note, a custom nameplate from East Point Foundry is the perfect gift for any business professional in your life as well because it can help them feel more confident while at work, in their office.



Get out that holiday shopping list and add East Point Foundry to the top!


Until next time y’all, Happy Holidays!


Yes, I’ll end every blog post with this until after the new year. I am that person.


Welcome back to another edition of my fave type of blog post! #booksandbooze


I mean, seriously, can you think of a better combo?


This week I'm excited to announce the #book I'm featuring is the first ever #ARC I've received as a blogger! *insert ghost coming out of mouth emoji right frickin' here*


Granted, it came from one of my #bookishbesties, Jess Bryant.


For those of you who don't know, or likely forgot because I haven't released a book in two years (thank you Facebook for reminding me), I'm an author. I released this pretty awesome (not big-headed at all, I swear) series- The Brookston Housewives Series- between the years of 2016 and 2017. I was a part of two anthologies after that. And then I had these two little bitches called depression and anxiety come banging on my door yet again . . . so I disappeared for a little bit in order to could get my ish together.


After a while this blog came along and well, here we are! Anyhoo . . . while I was doing my author thing real big for two years, I got some ARCs from the awesome people I met, so I could share my love for their words, but NOW . . . I've got this awesome platform to do it on, so back to the Quinn to my Santana . . . yes we did that . . . along with Maren Lee who is the Brittany, making up our own little Bookish Unholy Trinity . . .


and there I go getting sidetracked as per usssss . . . like I was saying . . .


Jess Bryant writes amazing, beautiful books and she did not disappoint with her newest manuscript, Imperfect Saint.




Imperfect Saint is the first novel in Jess' new All Saints Security Series. The main characters are Millie Turner and Hunter St. James (which you may know from another series of hers). Millie and Hunter both work for the amazing Lemon Kelly, my all time favorite character Jess has created thus far (be sure to check out her book here).


Hunter has always had a thing for Millie and she's always shut him down. For professional reasons or personal reasons? Sometimes, even Millie couldn't find the answer.


For reasons I cannot share on this blog post because I try to never give spoilers and y'all know I like to keep my #SIPnopsis short and sweet, Millie needs a date to her brother's wedding. The amazing (yes, that is the only word to describe her) Lemon sets Millie up with the perfect date . . . Hunter. Only Millie doesn't know it's him until she's packed and he's picking her up for the ride back to her hometown.



  • Hometown Drama

  • Exes suck

  • Frenemies [I mean they weren't really enemies, but Millie was so not interested (or at least she acted like she wasn't)] to Lovers




Then Imperfect Saint is perfect for you!


Eh. Eh. See what I did there?


Seriously y'all. Jess Bryant's book was the breath of angsty fresh air I needed and I'm so excited I got to read it early and share my love with the world! Or at least the 15 beautiful people who read my blog. (we gettin' up there! stick with me!)


Now . . .

*think think think*


Which #drink pairs best with a book that is so saucy and steamy, a bit of sour (not from Millie or Hunter of course), and full of all the sweetness at the same time?


I'm not gonna lie, it took me a minute to find the perfect drink, but after some careful research. I think I found the one!


My version of a #Whiskey Hot and Sour.




What is a #WhiskeyHotandSour, you ask?


The Recipe



2 oz of #Fireball cinnamon whiskey

1 oz of fresh lemon juice

1/2 oz of simple syrup or honey*

1/4 t of hot sauce


To Make:

combine all ingredients into a shaker over ice and shake to your heart's desire

pour into a low-ball glass and enjoy

garnish (of your choosing; suggested lemon wedge, orange slice, or pepper)


*honey is the lazy person's substitution . . . use the simple syrup. It's a much better option. Trust me. I tried the honey. I'm the lazy person. The lazy person is me.


And there ya have it!


A drink that embodies all of the savory and sweet that is entangled in the pages of Jess Bryant's next release! (and it's a pretty darn good #cocktail if you like spicy drinks).




So, what to do now?


Well, you've got to wait until tomorrow for the book to release. Then, you #oneclick that thing real fast, pour yourself a Whiskey Hot and Sour, sit back, relax, and get ready for one spicy night! And it'll be #FriYAY so go ahead and pour yourself another.


And once you're done with the book, be sure to rate and review it on Amazon and Goodreads and BookBub and all of the other platforms you can think of. Authors need these things!


*I received an ARC of Imperfect Saint in exchange for my honest review*


Join me again soon for another #ThirstyThursday #SIPnopsis!! Until then follow Jess Bryant on Instagram Facebook and Twitter!




"whiskey and ice and everything nice"



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So, we’re here again. It’s #Monday. How many of us spent the last seven days actively avoiding the thought that Monday was approaching yet again?


Or were you living in the moment, not really caring what day of the week it was?


Or were you building on things that are present in your life trying to prep for the future?



I would have raised my hands for all three. I’ve been known to be a complete and utter sour puss. Unfortunately, there have been times I’ve let negativity be at the forefront of my thinking. Sometimes, just because I can be an asshole and sometimes because of things I can’t 100% control.


Then there are weeks when I snap out of that negativity and I’m all sunshine and rainbows and who cares if it’s only Tuesday? I’m here. I’m present. I’m living. I’m breathing.


Recently, I’ve been in the third camp: building on what’s current in my life, so I can make sure my future is exactly what I want it to be. #savvybusinesswoman


I’ve got my authoring career I’m working on rebuilding and I just launched a podcast with my best friend. We’re already getting honored at a 30 under 30 event for the #podcast and I am so excited and amazed at what hard work can produce! I’ve been stacking building blocks to make something beautiful for my life.


Did you know there is a company who specializes in building something beautiful just for you? Whether you’re complaining about it being Monday or how quickly the most dreaded day of the week is approaching, Arbor Ridge will be there for you when it comes to all home renovation needs. They’ll make sure to put that ear to ear grin across your face and move you from the meh mondays team to marvelous mondays.


Arbor Ridge Design-Build Company, you guessed it, designs and builds! They are ready for all of your home improvement and #renovation needs. Whether you are looking for custom cabinetry for your kitchen (yes, please . . . like yesterday) or that outdoor kitchen and grill you’ve been wanting since you were a little girl (just me? Dream house, I’m coming for ya), Arbor Ridge can’t wait to work with you. Servicing the #MetroAtlanta, Cumming, Buford, Alpharetta, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Buckhead and Surrounding Areas, they are said to be Atlanta’s #1 choice for professional design and build contracting.


Got more questions? Check out their website to answer any of your questions. Seriously, the Arbor Ridge website is super informative. They break down who they are, who they serve, and what they’re all about. Need an estimate? You can find that on their website too and it’s . . . everyone’s fave word . . . FREE. Yes! You read that right. Just shopping around for your building needs at the moment? Comparing costs? Arbor Ridge will be happy to let you know what they can do for you and how much your future project will cost.


Browse their website to read up on all of the amazing services they provide, as well as, gallery time! If you’re anything like me, you’ve got to see pictures of the work, so you can imagine what it’s going to look like in your house or in your backyard. I’m definitely a visual person and the photos on Arbor Ridge’s website certainly helped with me being able to imagine the building blocks of what’s to be in my future.


Can’t find the answer to your question? Arbor Ridge is just one phone call away and they would be happy to assist in answering any inquiries you may have! I mean, how else could they become Atlanta’s #1 choice for professional design and build contracting?



So, here we are, it’s Monday. I know we whine and fuss and dread and stare past Monday like it’s just non-existent. While you are looking past it though, while you are looking into the future and ignoring Monday’s presence, there’s just two things I ask of you and it all has to do with building:


Make sure you are putting together the building blocks in your life you need to make your future exactly the way you want it to be. Build it in a way that is going to make you happy and make you smile. Put the pieces together so that you feel you are #livingyourbestlife.


Give Arbor Ridge Design-Build a call so they can help you with the physical building of your future. Let them design your home in a way you’ve always dreamt it to look. We’re at home a lot of the time and if we’re not happy and content at home, how can we be #happy in any other aspect of our life? How can we build our futures?


Let Arbor Ridge Design-Build put together your happy home, so you can put together your future with a big grin on your face . . . even if it’s Monday.