• DBG Orlando

Be the first Digital Battlegrounds Apex Legends Champion


This is a Point-based tournament for Apex Legends "Shadowfall" mode: Every kill is worth 1 point Wins on zombies' side are worth 3 points Wins on Legends' side are worth 6 points Your best 3 matches are considered for the final leaderboard.

BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller and Cable) if you don't want to play with our keyboards!

50% of entry fees go into the prize pot and Digital Battlegrounds is adding a $50 Pot Bonus. Prize Pot will be split as follows: 1st Place - 60% 2nd Place - 30% 3rd Place - 10%

All three will have bragging rights : )

  • DBG Orlando


Hyped? Excited? We are!

Digital Battlegrounds has copies of the new CoD on all PlayStations and a full team can play together on our PCs using game center licenses. Let's do this together?