Updated: Oct 29





Whether intentionally or unintentionally, within the first 3.5 seconds of meeting someone new, the other person will have formed an opinion of you. And what comprises of these few, precious seconds? Surprisingly, words only make up a mere 7%, voice tone makes up 38%, while a colossal 55% is visual!


What does this mean exactly?


A good personal image will ensure that other people perceive you in a more positive light and this can result in many benefits such as a better job, faster journey up the career ladder, easier navigation through the murky seas of socializing and simply being offered more opportunities. So, if only you can learn how to influence the way someone perceives you through your style, you will hold the power to convey any message you want to your desired audience! And the best way to get your hands on some of that power is to really begin paying attention to how you are presenting yourself to others.


Some people might think that fashion styling is all about choosing amazing clothes and constantly keeping up with the trends. But the fact is, fashion really begins on the inside. That is why our unique perspective on styling focuses on what’s inside you, so that you can begin conveying the best message that represents you on the outside too!


Branding is everything. And when you own your very own business, you represent your brand. However, it isn’t just about recreating yourself through style, it is also about refining your own personal sense of style and cultivate your own unique personality through how you present yourself.


One of the most important things you should be asking yourself when you think about your own personal image in business and when you think about how to dress for success is: what does your outfit say about you?


Before you can even open your mouth to introduce yourself, what you are wearing is always speaking volumes about who you are! So it is vital that you make sure that your outfit reflects the image that you want to portray.


With our outfits being like armour we wear for social combat, it is very understandable exactly how much value clothes bring to the table. And this is exactly the reason why Modistabox is here to help! So why would you choose our business model for your shopping needs?






With the fashion industry saturated with retailers, mass produced clothing items and a saddening lack of premium service, shoppers are now left alone in the dust without any help whatsoever to achieve the look that they are after. And with so many choices and options out there, it can be a drowning whirlwind of confusion for any shopper.


By offering a personal touch, you no longer have to struggle by yourself! And the great news is that while the majority of people assume that having your own personal stylist is the privilege only celebrities get, you can get it too! Nowadays, having your very own Personal Stylist has become not only a very real possibility, but the choice of those who want to make wise financial decisions.


Now, if you’re not burning to get started with Modistabox to get first hand fashion advice from expert stylists on the best outfits that represent you, then you need to remember that personal styling has nothing to do with pure extravagance and indulgence and everything to do with good planning, wise decision making and the economic use of funds. And all of this comes down to saving both time and money – two of the most precious things in life!


So how does all of this work?


1. Sign up for Modistabox at a very affordable price.

2. Stylists will do all the shopping for you

3. A box with specially, handpicked clothes will arrive on the day you schedule

4. You can choose to keep or return your outfits.

5. You end up looking darn beautiful in professionally selected outfits designed to best represent you!


Extra Modistabox benefits include…


• If you keep the entire box, you will receive a discount off the entire purchase because our success is your success!

• If you like Modistabox and refer your friends and family to sign up, you will receive a nifty of FREE referral credit as a genuine thank you from us to you!


PLUS you can also customize exactly how often you would like to receive your Modistabox. This can range from anywhere between every two to three weeks, to every three months! It is all 100% up to you to customize to your particular taste!


With Modistabox being such a convenient (and not to mention affordable!) way to get personalized style delivered straight to your doorstep, it really does sound far too good to be true. But with your reputation on the line, grab this amazing opportunity before it floats on by and try it!