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GlobalGirl Media UK is recruiting three GlobalGirls for our new podcast. GlobalGirl Media UK will be producing a girl-centred podcast series in collaboration with Wizard Radio, where young women talk about issues from their own very powerful perspectives. We are currently recruiting: a host, podcast producer, technical and editing lead.


Film Festival

GlobalGirl Media UK will launching our very first film festival in March 2020. We are currently recruiting a Film Festival Management Committee to help organise and run the festival. The Film Festival (GGFF) will present a series of films by, for and featuring girls from across the world. In addition to showcasing these films, we will present a series of panel discussions and host educational (filming and media training) workshops centred around International Women's Day.


To sign up for either of the above, send an email to dami@globalgirlmedia.org stating which role you would like to apply for, a short paragraph on why you would like to be a part of the project and why you believe you are suitable for that role, along with your weekly availability (weekdays and weekends).

COMPETITION - Vlogstar Challenge


Tell your story, to win!

Now you have the skills, we want to hear your voice! For a chance to become the next Vlogstar and to win £500 worth of equipment and 1-2-1 mentoring from YouTube’s experts, you need to submit your competition vlog by sending the link to us via this form.


Entering the competition is simple. You just need to produce a one-minute vlog or original video on a social issue or news story that you are passionate about, upload it to your YouTube channel and send the link to us. 


APPRENTICESHIP - Producer @ Percolate


Percolate are looking for a apprentice with a keen desire for all things digital. In this role you will assist the digital marketing team to deliver marketing campaigns across social media, content creation, design and events. If you're passionate about music and culture and an avid user of social media, this one's for you. 


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TRAINING PROGRAMME @ Taylor Bennet Foundation


Want to work in PR? This 10-week intensive training programme is designed to diversity the PR industry as well as equip you with the skills you need to carve out your lane in PR. The programme will be made up of practical workshops, with regular presenting and writing tasks, industry insight and skills development. Interested?


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INTERNSHIP - @ Communications Internship with HKX


This paid placement is a 3-month crash course into the communication industry. You’ll be a part of the team working across different agencies such as creative, media, entertainment and health businesses. There are 6 disciplines to choose from, including Account Management, Strategy, Creative, Design, Production and PR. If you are entrepreneurial, innovative, committed and collaborative, apply! 


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For support with applications send an email to ggmuk@globalgirlmedia.org

Reviewed by Danielle Desouza

Now Is the Time to Say Nothing is an immersive film installation, portraying the Syrian War through the story of Reem Karssli, a Syrian woman and one of the leading artists of the production, and her family. It is the product of a four-year collaboration with MAYK, an organisation that creates public projects throughout the year, a group of young people from the Young Vic, and Caroline Williams, the fellow lead artist.


The slogan on my ticket read: “To inspire people to take creative risks, to shape the future,” and that is exactly what the screening accomplished.


We entered a dark room and were instructed to pick an armchair and put on headphones. We were sat in front of an individual TV screen and instructed on what to do. Already, this performance was unlike anything I had ever experienced.


Images of the Syrian war, as well as those involved in the project were introduced through a series of Skype calls between Reem and the students, and clips of Reem and her family. One poignant moment occurred when the screen went black and the sounds of bombs danced between my ears, followed by a scene of one of Reem’s nieces crying because she had lost hope because of the war. It hit me at the core, sparking how unforgiving the war is to all Syrians.


Around halfway into the screening, we were all taken out of the comfort of our own space and asked to form a circle. Some of us kept straight faces, but I, as well as most of those around me, succumbed to laughing, which is a quintessentially British thing to do in awkward situations. The awkwardness only lasted for a brief moment as we were then directed to close our eyes and walk around. Suddenly, fragmented pieces of paper fell on us. It felt like time stopped.

I opened my eyes and was able to observe a few things at this point. Firstly, all of the armchairs were different— different in style, different in design and different in size. What I took away from this was that everyone’s reactions and takeaways would be distinct. That is why the production was so powerful. Secondly, by becoming more uncomfortable as the screening went on— through standing up and huddling close together, we were able to somewhat sympathise with the plight of Syrians fleeing the war for the safety of Europe. We could all feel the anguish of the unknown, unsure of how long we had to sit together for, in darkness both literally and metaphorically. The sound of waves echoed around the room. Images of the Syrian refugees appeared on the TV screens, crying from leaving their “safe space,” to which Reem reacted with: “Thank you for joining me on this journey, even though you had no choice… sometimes, you don’t have a choice.”


It links back to the reason the production was created; it is a “provocation against armchair passivity.” It is simply not enough to rely on the portrayal of Syrian refugees in the media. Often, the human side of the conflict is void from the narrative. Ultimately, we are all humans and wars should unite all humans in empathy. We should not be afraid to work together for the greater good.


Reem’s story also provided a sense of hope. She is now living in Germany, adjusting to her new surroundings and learning the language. However, her parents remain in Damascus, whilst some of her family are in Jordan. Her inspirational piece is dedicated to her mother, who I am sure is also filled with the same hope as her daughter - the hope that will one day unite them both.


I would highly recommend the production. It will capture even the coldest of hearts, and it is only around until the 19th October so get your tickets now!


Now Is The Time To Say Nothing is at the Battersea Arts Centre. Details here.


Reviewed by GlobalGirl, Danielle Desouza





Weekly Jobs, Events + Opportunities in Media

EVENT - Screening @ Livity

Are you interested in film and storytelling?

Livity will be screening Amani, a short film based on a true story. They'll be sitting down with creator Amani Simpson, exploring how he's changing the narrative, his journey, influences and the creative process.

Thursday 24th October 1-2pm

To RSVP drop mahadi@livity.co.uk a line.


CREATIVES PROGRAM - Creative Communication and Marketing Hackathon @ Lambeth


Are you based in Lambeth? Aged 16-25 years old?  Interested in being part of a hackathon event of young creators? The aim of the hackathon is to create a communication and marketing strategy for a series of ‘Community Listening Campaigns’. You will be paid £25 for your contribution. Places are limited. Must be available 19th October 2019, 10am-4pm. Interested? Contact Ros Griffiths on ros.griffiths@gmail.com



Caviar is looking for x1 Gaffer & x1 Grip to work on a charity documentary shoot about sex workers called 'Sex Work is Work' with director Lisette Donkersloot. The shoot is a one day 12-hour shoot, which is going to be on the 10th of October.  The job is expenses paid (within London) only, but is a great way to connect with the company and Lisette! If you know of anyone who could fit this, please email: zoe.travica@caviar.tv and cc marissa.mireles-hinds@caviar.tv


VOLUNTEER - @ Battersea Arts Centre


Are you interested in quirks of social history? Do you want to gain experience in exhibition design? BAC are looking for museum collection volunteers to support with the curation of their archives. This is a great opportunity to gain experience within research and archiving.


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COMPETITION - Creative Awards (Scotland)

The John Byrne Award is an online exhibition and creative competition open to 16-30 year olds living in Scotland. It is Scotland’s biggest competition for young, emerging artists. Their aim is to encourage a discussion about societal values by promoting the creative work of entrants.


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PROGRAMME - Filmmaking Workshop @ Screen Argyll (Scotland)

Screen Argyll is really excited to be bringing a BFI Film Academy to Oban! A great opportunity for 16-19 year olds curious about in a career in the film industry, during this week-long professional course they will work together to watch, experiment, create and learn more about animation and film in a variety of forms. This intensive programme includes hands-on filmmaking workshops where participants will be given the tools needed to develop an idea from rough sketch to big screen. The course will give them the opportunity to work with professional animators and film makers, and skills covered include script writing, model making, animation, video editing, lighting for camera and sound design. They will use these new skills to work together to create their own animations, then present these at a screening event which they create and coordinate.


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WORK EXPERIENCE - Fringe Central Youth Panel @ 2020 Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Scotland)


We’re already making plans for the 2020 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and that includes putting together the events programme for Fringe Central – the Fringe Society’s hub for everyone participating in the festival. We try to involve as many different voices as possible to help us do it, which is why we created the Fringe Central Youth Panel.


We’re looking for five young people aged 18 to 26 to help us create the programme from November 2019 through to April 2020. This is an opportunity primarily for young people based in Edinburgh, which is where the activity will take place, but there is some support available for successful applicants able to travel from other locations in Scotland.


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For support with applications send an email to ggmuk@globalgirlmedia.org