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Six of Earth - Angel Tarot

Tarot card of the day from the Angel Tarot deck by Radleigh Valentine


A beautiful winged fairy deposits a coin into one cup of a finely balanced set of scales.

This is the tarot card of giving and receiving.


Pentacles speak of ‘earthly’ things. Of how we go about living our lives. They can speak of finances, health. Our home, family, friends and the work we do.


A large set of golden scales sets the scene of this image. A fairy (elemental, of the earth) shifts coins from one cup to the other to keep the scales balanced.


My attention is taken to the wings of the fairy – they remind me of butterfly wings, and butterfly’s can symbolize transformation and freedom.

On one level, for me personally, this could represent my beloved father who has recently passed into Spirit. He has transformed and is now free to play in beautiful surrounding nature that he so loved.


On a universal level, this card can represent receiving or giving financial loans or surprise gifts of money when most needed. Paying off debts, or being in the position to start raising money for something important.


It can mean (as noted on the card) new career opportunities, or sharing knowledge that you have.

It is being generous with your time, or someone assisting you when you need it.


It can also mean receiving good news about a health matter, or finding just the right information required to improve your health.


This is my personal take on the tarot. When I read the tarot or oracle cards, I will generally take in the image first to see what symbols or intuitive 'hits' jump out, and then will look at the traditional meanings as I have learnt over the years from classes and collected books. My first impressions are usually correct, and it is important that you trust yourself and what 'comes' to you at first glance.

I will continue sharing my cards or readings of the day, and hope you enjoy checking them out! I'd love to hear your own meanings for this card.



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Finding the perfect meditation


I like to meditate before reading the cards. Or if I'm feeling a bit down, something to lift my vibration.

If I'm a bit 'out of sorts', or feel that life is not moving smoothly- then it will be to balance my chakra system. Lots of different reasons and situations require just the right meditation.


My favourite form of meditation is guided. I have a busy head and I need to follow someone's voice. I am also distracted fairly quickly (the ADD is strong in me! ;-) ) So the meditations also have to be fairly short. As in under half and hour, and preferably 10 - 20 minutes seem to work.

I have found some rippers on You Tube and thought I might share my favourites with you. This way Ive got them in one spot to come to, rather that searching through YT each time I visit. Have you got favorites that you would like to share? Let us know!


These are a couple of my 'go - to's'


22.22 minutes of gentle words to help you let go of negative energy and baggage by PowerThoughts Meditation Group







10.30 minutes to lift your vibration and balance chakras by Great Meditations









Nice little 3rd eye chakra stimulation and balance to assist in connecting to spiritual guidance. 17.39 minutes by Great Meditation








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Game of Throne bad headache day

I went to bed last night with one of those 'little' headaches. The ones that you know you should take a paracetamol for before going to sleep? But no, I am strong. I will drift into a lovely slumber and waken in the morning refreshed and ready to start my new day!

But sure enough, I was woken at midnight with someone trying to crush my brain from the inside!

I stumbled off to the bathroom and swallowed down a couple of anti-inflamms, had a glass of water in case I was dehydrated (this will cause headaches, and I am not the most diligent with my fluid intake), then made my way back to bed.

I lay there for another hour waiting for the pain to subside. I even tried acupressure. But to no avail. So.. off to the bathroom again. This time for paracetamol. Interestingly, your normal, run of the mill headache (this one was caused by eyestrain - and yes, I will get my glasses checked!), can be sorted by a number of different avenues.

I find hormone headaches are best sorted by anti - inflamms or lavender essential oil. And stress or or other headaches by paracetamol.

Unfortunately, I did not listen to my intuition about what to take first, and so wasted a few hours in pain before sorting myself out!

Because, after yet another hour of discomfort, I finally remembered my essential oils!

Essential oils for headaches


I practised as an aromatherapist a number of years ago, and keep a selection for personal use. And still it took me 3 hours in the middle of the night to remember to use them!

They should have been my initial 'go to', so I have to admit to being a bit disappointed in me!


Within 10 minutes of direct application to my forehead the headache had resided, and by the the time hubby had to get up to work at 4.30am (luckily this does not happen too often!), the pain had gone.



Remember to only use good quality, pure essential oils.


Lavender ( lavendula augustifolia)

Used by itself for normal or hormonal headaches


For nastier headaches add


Sweet Marjoram (origanum majorana)

2 drops each in the palm of your hand and smear onto your forehead or back of neck.


Each of these oils can be applied direct without diluting. Unless you have super sensitive skin or using on a child, then add the same amount in a teaspoon of vegetable or massage oil before application.


Do you have your own essential oil recipe for headaches?