Updated: Nov 20

Illustration Week #6, Tel Aviv

22 November, 2019 - 14 December, 2019


"MomDadMe", Installation view, Tel Aviv 2019

Thrilled to invite the public to my new painting-installation “MomDadMe” that is currently on view as part of the 2019 Tel Aviv Illustration Week events. 



"MomDadMe", Installation view, Tel Aviv 2019


An immersive environment presents the viewers with abstracted memories from my hometown of Rechovot, while alluding to my parents' house, their balcony plants and the fragmented views seen through a window, all of which form an imagery of local landscape, and reflecting on the meeting points between personal and national histories.  



"MomDadMe", Installation view, Tel Aviv 2019



"MomDadMe", Installation view, Tel Aviv 2019



"MomDadMe", Installation view, Tel Aviv 2019

Opening hours:

During Illustration Week, 22 Nov-30 Nov, 2019:

Monday-Thursday, 11am-6pm

Friday: 11am-2pm

Saturday, 11am-5pm


3-14 Dec , 2019:

Tuesday-Thursday, 11am-5pm

Friday-Saturday, 11am-2pm


"MomDadMe", Installation view, Tel Aviv 2019


6 Shvil Ha-Meretz Street

Tel Aviv

November 2019











ArtSpace TLV Gallery, Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv

14 November, 2019 - 30 November, 2019


"Habitat" #4 | 2019 | 79x59in | 200x150cm

New paintings from the series Habitat, 2019, will be on view at ArtSpace Art Gallery starting this coming weekend. These are conceptual portraits that merge between my own items of clothing and a more general female presence. The figure is dissolving from within the landscape, confronting the world and standing in place, determined not to disappear.


"Habitat" #5 | 2019 | 79x59in | 200x150cm



ArtSpace Tel Aviv

November 2019











Artists' House, Tel Aviv

21 November, 2019


Eden in Two Acts: Act II, Artists' House, Tel Aviv

My outdoor mural fronting the Artists’ House in Tel Aviv, Eden in Two Acts, seeks to amalgamate the platform of public space with the second round of the 2019 elections, and to offer a means of visual activism that will hopefully have a butterfly effect and reverberate beyond the bounds of the art world.



Eden in Two Acts: Act II


The first act, which opened in August 2019, presented an idyllic landscape scenery that was disturbed by red stains that tried to take over, symbolizing corrupted government that aimed to erase morality and peacefulness.


The second act, coming up in mid November while the results of the elections are not quite clear, aims to bring a wave of clean water to erase the stain of immorality from our  civic life. The mural is exhibited 24/7 and is accompanied by a catalogue.


Zaritsky Artists’ House

9 Elkharizi street, Tel Aviv November 2019