Updated: Sep 19



Join BB&G Charities for their 2019 Buffalo Sports Pod-A-Thon on Saturday, October 12th starting at 6 pm at Buffalo River Works!


Come watch a live podcast with local sports TV, radio, and online personalities!

All proceeds benefit BB&G charities. Hosted by Trainwreck Sports.

Buffalo Sports Pod-A-Thon was created as a fundraising event for BB&G Charities! The idea behind this is for all local podcast groups, bloggers, and writers to get together for one large party and get to know each other, to co-mingle with the people who chat on social media regularly, along with our readers.


Part of the night will include forum discussions on stage, a Celebrity Trivia Game Show hosted by a local celebrity, live silent auction of sports memorabilia, and of course, food and spirits!


So if you are a pod-caster, writer, blogger, TV or radio personality, or just a sports fan who is a fan of all these groups, you are welcome to join us!



Starts at 6 PM  (Doors open at 5)

$25 adult beverages/$20 non alcohol/children

4 hours of open refreshments 

Pizza/Wings Buffet

Buffalo River Works

359 Ganson St, Buffalo, NY 14203