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I'm living in a house that throws house shows every month or so. I am currently curating art for our living room to be displayed during the shows. If you are interesting in showing visual art at one of our shows, email me at akravitzart@gmail.com or message me on instagram: instantgramps1994. Our house is in Portland, Oregon. Open to local and touring artists. :-)




I am here to spread the word about our beautiful adult anthology, Postscript. This is a self published graphic novel headed by Jonathan Hill, a talented illustrator and teacher at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. This project contains 40 storied by 40 different artists surrounded by the theme of "the last time." Some of us are based here in Portland, OR and some are contributing from overseas. The stories range from European selkie mythology, to an MMORPG shutdown, to a Frankenstein experiment gone wrong. I am so excited to be in this project. So far we have raised about 56% of our goal which is so amazing!! We are offering hard copies of the book if you donate $30 or more, original tote bags at $75 or more, and original artwork by the artists at $100 or more! It is totally worth it to contribute and none of this would be possible if it weren't for the community and network of artists, friends, and families!



You can get to the kickstarter by clicking here

This is the cover of the book, drawn by the very talented Cas Marotta.


Here are some samples of the artwork:





Please donate if you can. We have 7 more days so spread the word so this beautiful anthology can come to life!



A. Kravitz

  • A. Kravitz

I have been chosen along with a bunch of other PNCA students and Alumni to participate in a graphic novel anthology! This is the third of three graphic novels produced by Jonathan Hill and his students. It is completely created and organized by the students and contributing artists. The graphic novel is going to be published and funded completely by a kickstarter which launches May, 17 2019. I am so so excited to be a part of this awesome project!


"Postscript"is about the last time. Whether it's the last time you see a loved one or the last time you experience reality, these stories show the mixed emotions associated with "the last time."


Visit the Unversed website to learn more: https://www.unversedcomics.com

This is some of my process work for "Postscript." My short story is about a retail worker who is tired of their job and ends up slipping into an alternate dimension. This anthology is full of trippy stories. I am a sucker for dark and twisted comics.