Almost the largest I can comfortable make in my small shop, the below table at 60x24x14 high. Customs cost almost twice what stock sizes are, and I warn browsers, but they still are sometimes insulted. UPS oversize shipping charges are large factor in the quote. It's almost

borderline freight, where UPS won't take it normal pickup. I price numbers I give are a little shocking, but when the shop it, they often contact me again.


Again, just wanted to see what this design would look like.

I kept the height as a popular 22" high.

Visually taller and skinnier diameter round would be more

dramatic, but I stayed conservative. Anything glued does not ship well,

in my experience, even if packed well. So, I don't intend on stocking this item.

Once again, I just brought to the vinage store, and the owner offers a decent return,

on my plexi project.


original design acrylic end tableoriginal design acrylic end table
22" high x 16" round acrylic end table.


Once again, made these just for my design pleasure. I just wanted to see what they would look like, knowing the market would not bear a price, that leaves a profit. So I brought to the decades store in Fort Lauderdale, for someone, someone to use and benefit from them. And maybe I would recover some of my material costs. Family members might scold me, but I do it anyway, the design process is soothing, a sort of therapy. Labor is labor, work is work, I am grateful I have this freedom of design thing to offset the menial tasks.


acrylic rack for food canistersacrylic rack for food canisters
3/4" thick acrylic shelf unit for glass canisters


mixed media spice bottle rackmixed media spice bottle rack
Maple hardwood, and white/clear acrylic sheet