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What is the difference between photojournalistic and candid photography?

Candid wedding photography features subjects that:

1. Avoid preparation for the photography.

2. Are not distracted away from what they’re doing by the photographer.

3. Are not posed by the photographer for the image.


Photojournalistic wedding photography takes all of the simple requirements of candid wedding photography and elevates them to a different realm with the addition of a critical feature: a story.

The hallmark of an excellent photojournalistic wedding photographer is the ability to convey a story through a single image.


How would you define this photograph?


July 7,2018

Erica & Roberto



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Should You Do a First Look?

Live-action shots – where moments are captured as the day plays out – present unique challenges for your photographer. As a team of professionals, it’s our job to capture special moments, glances, and passing expressions – each of which could happen within a split-second. In contrast, with a first look your photographer can work in more controlled conditions – allowing them to gently direct you and make the most of their creativity. We set the scene together – where you should stand, how you greet each other and then you take it from there while the photographer captures it all.



October 18, 2019

Ann Marie and Tony