Skin care routine : changing beddings Skin care can be so expensive at times! but we can al find a routine that works for us.

Want that good skin but on a budget? (is that even a thing?

Don't worry, we've got you on some daily and FREE tips you can start implementing today!


1. Drink your water!

Let's just get this out of the way, WATER IS LIFE! our blood alone is 80% water, we cannot live without water and its important we stay hydrated.

Although excessive water may not cure dry skin, A study in 2018 showed that drinking water decreased the dryness and roughness of the skin of the participants.











2. Wash Your Hands


Before any facial contact - that's if you can help it, try to wash your hands with soap and water,

Hand gels can be used in-between if you are making a lot of public contacts such as car doors, public rails, your hair!










3. Ice water facials

Applying ice water or ice cubes unto your face will create a sense of awakening and post application rejuvenation.

It can help to reduce pain also if you have sensitive skin.


Hot water is known to promote dry skin - cold water however, may promote a decrease in the appearance of wrinkles.




4. Moisturise


We've covered water and hydration.

Using a good moisturiser, preferably alongside a good spf protector is a great way to reintroduce oils unto your skin, especially after that hot bath we love so much! Hot baths are known to be culprits in dry skin.

A tip is to have small handy ones to keep around you - in your bag, car, purse, at your work desk - You get the point!








With so much knowledge on why we should be getting adequate amounts of sleep, its surprising a lot of us still advocate for that silly quote - "I'll sleep when I'm dead"

Sleep sis! It will reduce your stress level and potentially reduce your chances of tired eyes or stress spots.






Ok ladies and gents! Let’s talk pelvic muscles!

Our pelvic floor muscles are the muscles we can find at the bottom of our pelvic area. It starts from the base of our spine to the front of the pubic bone.


Function of the pelvic floor

Imagine you step on a water hosepipe, it typically stops the flow of the water due to the pressure place on the pipe from your feet.

Part of its role is to contract to stop bowel or bladder movement and relax to allow them to be released.

The pelvic floor muscle also makes up part of your stabilising muscles along with your stomach and bottom muscles.


Why are we talking about the pelvic floor?

As we age, and due to hormonal changes in women as well as gravity. The pelvic floor can be placed on quite a lot of pressure which can stretch and weaken its effectiveness in stopping leaks.


What can I do about this?

Due to the reasons above and more, It becomes important we train and strengthen these muscles.

Just like every other voluntarily muscle group, it’s important we train them because if you don’t use it, you lose it!

We need to strengthen to pelvic floor through squeezes.


How do I do this pelvic floor muscle exercise?

Imagine you wanted to hold your pee (don’t actually do it whilst you’re peeing)

Then imagine you want to hold a fart (I know- so classy)

Squeeze and hold those muscles to feel for your pelvic floor muscles.

Everyday, we should aim for at least 24 squeezes.

In coming articles, we’ll provide more specific exercises you can do to train your pelvic floor muscles.


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