Sometimes life gives you lemons.... and for this early morning shoot we took em and made sweet lemonade!! This was completely a last minute shoot. I'm so impressed by sweet Sam. My manager Gee had booked her literally hours the night before for me for a brand shoot for a client of mine. We had a 7am call time. Sam and her mom arrived and we waited outside the location we were supposed to shoot at. I chatted with her and her mom for several minutes. I love background on people. Connection goes beyond just snapping a pic so I was happy to have a few quiet moments to learn about Sam and her mom. In chatting I found out this was Sam's first photoshoot! I LOVE working with new talent. They are excited and fantastic to coach and teach and are incredibly excited to be doing a shoot. If Sam was nervous I didn't sense an ounce of it. She was a true professional. After 20 minutes of us waiting outside our destination it was clear our client we were supposed to rep was a no show. I reassured her we would STILL get amazing images and not to worry. She didn't have a stitch of makeup on and was in this adorable outfit. It was perfection. Sometimes you can plan and plan and plan every detail from hair and makeup to wardrobe and spend hours fretting if it will work out... and then you get a random Friday morning at 7am with literally zero plan, no hair and makeup or wardrobe plan and all you have is a meeting spot and 30 minutes to create magic. Sam, I am so glad you showed up. I'm so glad that everything always happens for a reason. I'm so thankful for 45 minutes of chatting, laughing, shooting and walking around downtown Pleasanton. Never forget how beautiful you are pretty girl! Thanks for shining that morning!





All images shot on a Canon 5D Mark IV with 50MM 1.4 Lens

shot with canon 5D Mark IV with 50mm lens. 1/160 sec | f 1.8 | ISO 125









50 mm lens | 1/250 sec | f 2.0 | ISO 125


When you are shooting and want to add some drama to an image have someone fan your subject with a piece of foamcore. I have my assistant wave the board in an upward motion most of the times so the hair blows up and back. It just depends on the look you want!







I love this couple. They came into my life in 2017 at a time I didn't even think that this kind of real love existed. They walked into my small bedroom studio for their first shoot with me which was a couples boudoir session for their 7th wedding anniversary. I was smitten with them. The way they love each other is truly amazing. If you are around them for more then 5 minutes you KNOW they love each other. Brian and Monica have been through thick and thin together since they were in high school. Brian has bravely served our Country as a Marine and has suffered injuries that have had lasting effects and has undergone many surgeries. He is positive and uplifting through all the hardships and is actively involved in the Veteran community here in Northern California. It's inspiring to watch! Monica is always loving him and right by his side through it all. Both are involved in their communities. Monica is an AMAZING photographer!!! She told me at our first coffee date she wanted to be a photographer. She showed me some images and I knew instantly this girl was going to soar in the industry. Her work is timeless and beautiful and it inspires me all the time! You'd think she'd been doing it for decades. Together they are quite the loving and supportive couple.

I was eager to shoot with them again so my buddy Shaun Samuels of Shaun Samuels photography and I did a meet up in the city to collab on this special shoot.






How gorgeous is she?!



Thank you Brian and Monica for your amazing love. It's an honor to see that come to life through my lens. I'm still smitten with you two!