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For the last few months I've been hard at work on an episode of 99% Invisible and it's out now! It's about The Kirkbride Plan — a surprising and relatively forgotten chapter in the history of American mental health care. It's an answer to the question of why this country has so many huge abandoned asylums. I hope you'll check it out.

It was an honor to be able to create this piece with the awesome 99PI team. 99PI is a podcast I truly love and I'm very grateful to be able to tell this story to their audience.  BTW I realized I hadn't mentioned here that, some weeks back, I was on another of my favorite podcasts, albeit doing a fairly different thing. Anyway, ICYMI, here was my guest appearance on Slate's Dear Prudence


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I've got a coupla new essays live today.


One is the first of a monthly column I'll be doing for them. called Between the Binary. The inaugural one is me complaining about Gmail not letting you just change your email address.




It's got a gorgeous illustration by Ohni Lisle.


I've also got a new essay up at Guernica, about going to the Museum of the Mind at Bethlem (aka Bedlam) in the UK. It's a piece about how, when I was writing A Kind of Mirraculas Paradise, I was very lost when it came to the question of who to listen to, when it came to the truth of madness. I went to this museum and saw the painting "Out of the Maze" by William Kurelek that's featured on my paperback's cover.




BTW! Don't miss the latest Batman: The Animated Series episode of Mad Chat, out today, with comedian Yassir Lester.


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I'm looking someone to run my new podcast Mad Chat's social media presence. Those applying should understand social media and have an interest in conversations about madness / mental health. If you're interested, please email me: hellosandyallen at gmail dot com. Include your relevant experience and interests, as well as your hourly rate. Feel free to share this post. Thank you!