Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Learn more about the owners of The Confetti Room!


The Team!

Lydia and Matt are the owners of The Confetti Room. I (Lydia) have a diploma in Event Management which I completed in 2017. The skills from this course helped me start my very own event business. I mean, I still didn't have all the skills and just threw myself into the deep end with all this biz stuff, but it is true what they say, you will learn as you go and you will learn from your mistakes. That I can promise you!


Matt is currently studying a Cert IV in photography and really enjoys it. Matt usually is the one to take all our Instagram posts so it sure is handy to have someone on the team who has a great eye for taking pictures and getting the right angles. Which what Instagram is all about. Am I right?


Together we have achieved a lot in our nearly 2 years of running The Confetti Room. Many tears, fights, laughter, stress and happiness, but it has been worth every single bit to do what we both love so much! BALLOONS! What joy balloons bring us and you guys at your events. As cheesy as it sounds, it is so true! To see people so excited about the creations we have made is just the icing on the cake and what makes all those tears and hard work worth it.


Matt and I are also engaged, have 2 fur babies (Piper 8 and Charlie 6 months old) are aunt and uncle and both only have brothers (Matt has 2 and I have 4)


I hope you learnt something new about us and enjoyed our 1st blog post. Be sure to stay tuned for some more balloon magic on our page.


Love TCR x



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