Nap better with a natural sedative from Turkey. It's real! This sedative is an amino acid not naturally produced by the body. It‘s called tryptophan. This amino acid is found in Turkey. The body gets tryptophan and various amino acids from food like Turkey. Tryptophan helps the body produce the vitamin niacin. This vitamin encourages the body to produce serotonin. It’s the Serotonin which can help a body feel calm and want a nap.

We study sleep and engineer the best bed to fit your comfort and your budget. So, napping is second nature for us, no Turkey needed. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!







(disclaimer: all ideas conveyed are based on our review from expert authority. We are not scientists or medical professionals, however based on our study of sleep, this is what we have discovered from studies based on this information. )






Our mission to positively impact others is a dream come to life! #abedforlife



Meet Arwen, an amazing girl with a fighter spirit. She is 9 years old and completed her 8th surgery. These were on her spine to remove vertebrae, due to spina bifida. She recently had surgery in St. Louis on both feet and continues to face these challenges with a smile. Arwen is one of 5 kids and her mom home schools them to accommodate their schedule. Her parents have to prop her up in bed at different positions following surgery where she is required to spend most of her days in bed. They were asked if they had an adjustable mattress, and her mom replied “Oh no, we can’t afford that. That would be a dream.”


Joplimo Mattress was built on the mission to impact others, to be agents of change for those facing overwhelming challenges in life. This is the story behind the dragonfly in our logo.



The #boulevardofdreams event brought to us that connection!


Your purchase at Joplimo Mattress directly impacts our community.


Our donation of Arwen’s bed is pictured below inside her room.



Thank YOU and The Dream Factory of Greater Kansas City for connecting us in help our dreams come true to positively impact others! #wingsfordreams #joplimodragonfly

Updated: Aug 28, 2019


Positively impacting others facing overwhelming challenges in life, is our mission. The purpose is exemplified in our #joplimodragonfly logo and crafting #abedforlife

We were blessed by a phone call from Watered Gardens Gospel Rescue Mission with the opportunity to serve our community. The phone call was a request for 30 mattresses to the Washington Family Hope Center being remodeled for 2020. This will be a new facility in Joplin, MO to provide shelter to homeless families.

Guests at the Brunch Event signed “good luck pillows” for the children in the shelter to sleep better in comfort and absorb all the emotional support from a community that cares!



We were thrilled to partner with other local businesses, who also donated to the cause. Tropical Smoothie, Suzanne’s Natural Foods, Lynne’s Artsy Bakery, Clark’s Cuisine, Personal Chef Josie Mai and Oasis Boutiques. Music during the event was provided by Impact Life Worship Band.

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